9th Beach Party

9th Edition Of EUROSIMA Beach Party Goes Corporate

Out of the office and into the ocean! This year’s surf comp at the EUROSIMA Beach Party (September 11) is open to all the amateur surfers of the corporate world. So grab your colleagues and get registered!

Come share some waves and have some fun at the EUROSIMA Beach Party on Friday, September 11, 2020 on the beaches of Seignosse-Hossegor.

Initially launched in 2006, the Beach Party is a friendly surfing competition that was traditionally open to all individuals working in the surfing industry. This year, EUROSIMA has decided to open the Beach Party to all amateur surfers working in the corporate world.

Thus, the Beach Party will become a corporate surfing contest.

Format for the event
The EUROSIMA Beach Party is a friendly surfing team competition.

Each team will include 4 competitors that are employees of a single company or of several small entities.

The competition will evolve around 20-minute heats with 4 surfers of 4 different teams in the water at the same time. Each team and each surfer will get to ride twice. Surfers can ride the board of their choice among shortboards, longboards or bodyboards.

Each competitor can ride as many waves as he/she wishes in each of his/her two 20-minute heats. The best wave of each surfer in each of his/her heats will be kept and count towards the team’s final score.

The team that will have scored the most points will win the battle and take home the trophy!

9th Beach Party surf

Event Schedule
8am: Call time at the spot to launch the day
Confirmation of all teams. Heats are posted
On site free breakfast for all competitors

8:30am: Intercompany surf challenge
2 x 20 minute heats for each competitor
On site free lunch for all competitors

5:30pm: Prize Ceremony

Download the team registration form here




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Swimwear SS21

Skate Shoes SS21

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