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Forcefield Protective Clothing Owners Merge With Vale Brothers

The owners of high performance & protection clothing brand Forcefield Protective Clothing, Davies Odell Ltd, has merged with the traditional equestrian company, Vale Brothers Ltd; a move that will enable Forcefield to broaden its product range, strengthen its presence in its current markets and expand to others.

Press Release:
Davies Odell Ltd, owner of Forcefield Protection, has merged with Vale Brothers Ltd. Vale Brothers are also an established UK company, manufacturing both here in the UK and also overseas. This merger doubles the size of both companies, and has resulted in a new entity that is stronger for the future, whilst also being more competitive in all areas.

For Forcefield it brings opportunity to broaden out its product development and expand its range into existing markets, as well as also new ones. This will include renewed investment in new product lines and technologies, maintaining Forcefields reputation as innovators in the protection market and enabling them to offer a diverse product range to their expanding customer base.




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