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Next Instalment of Victor Daviet’s DVD Videos ‘Volume II: Apollo 21’ Drops

The 2nd volume of Victor Daviet’s DVD Videos film project features some truly stunning videography and photography that combines the beauty of snowboarding with the quiet tranquillity of the full moon. Volume II: Apollo 21 is the follow up to Volume I: White Canvas

Press Release:
DVD videos
A Snowboard Mission On The Moon

03.24.2021 Time 17:00 (UTC 1)

For the second volume, I collaborated with filmer, editor, pro rider and true artist Tom Granier,  pro snowboarder Enzo Nilo and photographer Germain Felix Favre.

On February 27, 2021, we took off to a crazy journey at the full moon to capture some unique snowboard images.

Synchronizing all the essential elements on the D-Day of the full moon night (perfect spots, weather forecast, right photo gear, moon trajectory calculations, snowboarding conditions, moon rise close to sunset, moon rising speed, riding in the dark and the list goes on…) was a true mission.

The difficulties made the project tricky, stressful, intense and all the more exciting.

From that dreamy Mission has emerged our DVD videos – Volume 2: APOLLO 21

Hope you will enjoy our moonshot.

Volume II_ Apollo 21 DVD Videos

photo credit: @Germ_Photography

Snowboarders : @VictorDaviet @Enzo Nilo
Filmer / Editor : @Tom Granier
Photographer: @Germ_Photography
Supported by:

Spot: @Tignes

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