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Artisan Surf Jeweller Pineapple Island’s Creative Director Talks Market Trends & Sustainability

Pineapple Island, the UK-based jewellery and accessories brand have been making waves recently in Europe with their surf-inspired Balinese artisan-made products. We grabbed the company’s Creative Director, Alice Parmenter, to talk sustainability, jewellery trends and what makes the brand stand out from its competitors.

Please tell us the story behind the launch of Pineapple Island?
Back in 2008, Pineapple Island got its start thanks to Nathan’s travels. He stumbled upon some amazing handmade jewellery and thought, “Why not share this with everyone?” And so, Pineapple Island was born, to bring handmade surf jewellery to retailers everywhere. Today, we’ve got 1,500 stockists worldwide and we’re known as the go-to for retailers looking for unique handmade pieces to enhance their inventory.

What are the brands USP?
What makes Pineapple Island stand out is our direct-to-maker model. We’re all about cutting out the middlemen and working directly with Balinese artisans. That way, they get fair pay for their skills. We’ve been committed to doing it this way since 2008 and we’re all about providing retailers with one-of-a-kind handmade pieces that customers love.

Our partnership doesn’t just benefit us and the artisans—it’s a win-win for everyone. Retailers love stocking our surf-inspired jewellery because it flies off the shelves and brings in high profit returns. Plus, it’s the perfect add-on purchase or upsell at the checkout. Pineapple Island making jewelleryPlease take us through your current line.
Our handmade jewellery and accessories are all about that laid-back surf vibe straight from the beaches of Bali. From woven bracelets to hoop earrings, anklets, necklaces, and everything in between, each piece captures surf-inspired style. And the best part? We’ve got something for everyone, no matter their style.

We’ve really stepped up in 2024, especially when it comes to getting our brand out there. We’re all about making it easy for retailers to showcase our products. That’s why we offer everything from counter displays to full-on shop fits. Whether it’s a surf shop or a boutique, we’ve got the perfect display for you to make our handmade jewellery stand out.

Which is the most popular product in the whole line and why?
Our top selling Leme Surf bracelets are a hit with our retailers! Made with delicate macramé in a mix of colours, they bring summery vibes wherever you go. Plus, we offer them as a counter display set for retailers, making it easy for customers to fall in love with them in their favourite stores. And speaking of must-haves, have you seen our wave ring? Pineapple Island jewellery

How has the brand fared in Europe, any new distribution, where has been your most popular market?
Over the past year, we’ve been making waves in Europe, especially through the online marketplace It’s been great seeing our brand popping up in coastal regions where surfers hang out. The feedback has been amazing! With hundreds of positive reviews and high ratings, we have boosted our visibility out there.

We’ve also been getting a lot of love from retailers in coastal spots like Portugal, Spain, France, and the Netherlands. They found us through our socials and website and couldn’t resist wanting to stock our surf jewellery. So, if you’re a retailer interested in offering your customers Pineapple Island, you can apply via our website.

Have you noticed any new trends in the handmade jewellery and accessories market in the last few years?
We’ve been noticing this shift towards sustainability and conscious craftsmanship, especially among our retailers. Customers want products that match up with their values and lifestyle choices, and they are actively seeking out products made from quality materials and produced using ethical methods. From recycled materials to eco-friendly packaging, sustainability is taking centre stage. Pineapple Island bracelets

How does the brand reduce its impact on the planet?
We’ve teamed up with a carbon accountant to help us track and offset our emissions and we’re proud to donate part of our revenue to charities like Surfers Against Sewage and Project Seagrass. They’re all about protecting our oceans and wildlife, which is really important to us.
We’ve also switched from plastic packaging to cassava-fruit packaging. It’s a small change, but it shows our commitment to sustainability. We know we’re not perfect, but we’re trying our best to keep things green.

What makes Pineapple Island such an attractive sell to consumers?
For Pineapple Island, it’s all about quality, style, and having a green mindset. Each piece has its own story, which is great for those who want something unique. Also, because we work directly with makers, we can make sure everyone gets a fair deal and customers know exactly where their products come from.

What really makes Pineapple Island stand out is how we treat our retailers. We’re all about giving them great value and service, like with our three times profit margin. We’ve been working with some of our retail customers for over 10 years, and it just goes to show how much people love what we do.

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