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Clover Protection’s Joeri Van de Vliet On Product Development, New Lines & Marketing Strategies

Utilising RZ Labs’ unique cutting-edge molecular technology, Clover Protection has set about designing a no-nonsense yet high quality range of protection gear to keep riders safe on the snow. We grabbed Joeri Van de Vliet to chat about what sets them apart from other safety gear, top-selling markets for the brand and their latest product lines.

Please tell us how Clover Protection got started.
Deeply engaged in the sales and distribution of brands, we observed a common frustration among our customers regarding protection products. Existing brands often introduced unnecessary complexity, hindering effective strategies and profitability for our clients. This inspired the creation of Clover, a meticulously crafted, no-nonsense product designed for simplicity, ensuring a mutually beneficial outcome for all stakeholders. The remarkable price point adds another layer of delight for end customers, fostering satisfaction and joy among sports enthusiasts and subsequently boosting sales for our clients.

Who are the people involved and what are their backgrounds?
We are a trio of founders intimately connected with our customers and community. As we age and witness our kids growing up in the world of action sports, the need for enhanced protection became apparent. This led to the evolution of our brand, a testament to growing older and wiser. Pieter Simons oversees our European sales network, Rainier De Potter manages sales in the Benelux region, and I handle marketing and product development. Clover Protection back protector

What sets Clover aside from other protection brands in the boardsports space?
Exemplary design, cutting-edge technology, streamlined business practices, and an attractive price point define our core values.

Which is your top selling European market and why?
Our focus has primarily been on the Benelux region since our inception last year. However, we’re excited to announce our expansion into the rest of Europe this year.

How is your distribution organized in Europe?
We collaborate with agents and distributors across Europe, aligning with individuals and companies driven by passion and commitment for the long term. We seek partners who bring both enthusiasm and professionalism to the table – put your money where your mouth is. Clover Protection ad

Why should retailers stock Clover?
We offer precisely what customers are searching for, and not only that, but at a compelling price point with favourable margins for our retailers. Our approach revolves around maintaining simplicity throughout our partnership. This involves a robust B2B system, ensuring items are never out of stock, and implementing a carry-over policy for a significant portion of our collection. By doing so, we aim to minimize the administrative burden on our retailers, allowing them to focus more on informing and selling the right products to their customers.

The impact of clarity, simplicity, and professionalism on the efficiency of everyone involved in building a brand is truly remarkable. The tangible and perceptible benefits contribute to a smoother and more effective process, enhancing the overall experience for all stakeholders.

Please take us through your 24/25 line
Introducing a new addition for the 24/25 season – a selection of board bags. We’ve meticulously considered the essential features desired by customers, delivering them in top-notch materials and adhering to a straightforward colour scheme in the distinctive Clover orange/black palette. The collection’s assembly remains uncomplicated and is tailored to meet the needs of the majority of end users. This deliberate simplicity extends benefits to retailers as well, with fewer sizes and variations promoting a transparent and efficient purchasing strategy. Rest assured, we still offer the diverse products that end users are seeking.
Additionally, we continue to feature our existing protection collection in all its glory. While these products undergo minor modifications to stay current, they predominantly remain as carry-over models, ensuring a seamless continuation of popular items.

Any future products in the pipeline?
In response to numerous customer requests, we are exploring the option of incorporating knee protection into our existing protection collection. It is our commitment to uphold the same high standards and values that define all other products in our collection. Additionally, we recognize that any expansion of our offerings is contingent upon the valuable feedback we receive from our partners. Your insights play a crucial role in shaping the growth and evolution of our collection.

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