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COVID Rule Update: Restrictions in Tyrol, Austria to be Lifted by March 5

The Tyrolean Tourist Board is happy to announce that Covid-19 restrictions are to be lifted in Austria over the coming weeks. The news will make visiting and staying in Tyrol much simpler, and by March 5, tourists will be free to indulge in the joys of spring skiing, completely restriction free.

Since February 19, restrictions have gradually been easing: the 3G rule (vaccinated, cured or tested) has predominately replaced situations where the so-called 2G rule (vaccinated or cured) was in force.

This includes:

  • Sanitary pass in the ski lifts, for bus trips and boat trips
  • Health pass in the hotel and catering industry
  • Sanitary pass for services and contact benefits
  • Sanitary pass on sports grounds
  • Sanitary pass during sporting or cultural events
  • Sanitary pass for trade fairs and general public

The midnight curfew and the ban on night-time dining will be maintained, as will be the general obligation to wear a mask in closed spaces. The workplace health pass rule also remains in effect.

From February 22, all tourists will have to adhere to the 3G rule to enter Austria, therefore will require proof of full vaccination, a negative PCR or proof of past infection. However, this doesn’t apply to tourists entering from a territory affected by one of the variants; entry from these areas will remain banned. Although currently, there are no countries declared as variant zones!

On March 5, remaining restrictions are to be lifted, which means :

  • No access rules
  • No gauge
  • No general curfew
  • Opening of the night gastronomy
  • It is possible to eat during events

Wearing a mask will only remain compulsory in essential shops (supermarket, post office, banks, pharmacies, etc.) and on public transport. Recommended mask wearing will remain in place in closed spaces and all other places.

For more information, please visit our information website for a safe holiday in Tyrol: www.we lcome.tirol .

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