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Fallen Footwear Turns 20: Interview With Co-Founder Chad Foreman

Fallen is celebrating its 20th, so SOURCE decided it was time to have a chat with Chad Foreman co-founder and co-owner and see how the brand is progressing as it enters its third decade.

Happy 20th, How is the anniversary being celebrated?
Thank you! We are very thankful to even talk about a 20th year anniversary, and that almost didn’t happen, but with the passion for the brand, our team, our fans and customers, and love for everything we do and work for every day, we’re here now, and very excited to discuss!

We just released a limited capsule with our 20-year branding that includes apparel as well as a premium leather Patriot model with our signature white contrast stitching and a 3D bevelled logo. Each pair purchased comes with a free pair of our 20-year anniversary socks inside the box. A special release for our lifelong fans. Fallen 20th Patriot

Can you give us a brief history of Fallen’s first 20 years.
Fallen was created in 2003 for skateboarders and by skateboarders, the brand represents everything that’s right about our industry, the brand is who we all are, and why we wake up and do what we do. I trademarked this brand 20 years ago, I’ve cried over the brand, I’ve fought for the brand, I look at my feet and I see a friend. Fallen Footwear brand was created for the underdogs, the unruly youth, the ones that stand up when they say you can’t do it, the Fallen ones, with hearts bigger than foundations and platforms!

What have been the key successes in building the brand?
The word success doesn’t feel like it captures who we are as a brand. We are so scrappy, we focus on trying to be our best, focus on being real people doing real things, give a shit about everyone that gives a shit about us. The key to our success lies in staying true to what we represent, and that’s the real ones. You all know who you are, you can read this, and you’ll know, you are our people!

What was the most iconic product the brand has released and why?
All our shoes are icons for us, regardless of how many have sold, but the Patriot has always been a staple for us and stands as one of our flagship models. Fallen Footwear team

Can we have some current stats on the brand in its 20th year?
We will continue to wake up every day and try our best to be our best, and to also create the best footwear for skateboarding as a whole, while staying true to why we started Fallen in the first place!

Tell us about any brand anniversary collabs or special lines.
Our 20th-anniversary capsule is out now, and we have a lot of great collabs and new lines that will be launching soon. You’ll be just as excited as we are, but you will just have to wait and see!

Where do you see the most opportunities for growth for the brand over the coming years?
By staying true to our past and the original voice for the brand, our success will naturally follow, at an organic rate, and for all the right reasons. We’re here for the long run, we’re here for the real ones! We will continue to work our hardest to not only speak to our customers, but also to contribute to skateboarding on every level for years to come!

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