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Forward Outdoor Apparel Change Mangement Team & Launch 24/25 Winter Line

Photo credit: Dom Daher 

Press release:
FORWARD, the acclaimed brand synonymous with progressive freeskiing and snowboarding gear, announces the launch of its FW24/25 collection under new management, marked by a renewed commitment to innovation and sustainability.

With a legacy of crafting technically superior, durably-made, progressive outdoor apparel for the most demanding users, FORWARD is poised to take advantage of wide-ranging changes in the industry. Their unyielding focus on excellence and sustainability sets them apart as we embrace a new era.

Owners Global Development Co. have strategically appointed two distinguished industry leaders to key posts:

Introducing Tony McWilliam, Global Brand Director
Tony McWilliam stands as a visionary figure in the realm of action sports. As the founder of Faction Skis, the driving force behind the award-winning eco-friendly techwear brand GHOSTS, and the creative genius behind Candide Thovex’s iconic outerwear and skis for the past decade, Tony McWilliam assumes the responsibility of shaping long-term vision and overseeing day-to-day operations.

Tony McWilliam articulated further: “My journey with FORWARD began in 2016 with the creation of the initial project vision at a time when the world was just awakening to the urgency of climate change. FORWARD offers unparalleled style, uncompromising performance, and genuine sustainability solutions from the outset and after five years working on other amazing projects I look forward to leading the team into the future.”

Meet Lionnel Ducruet, Head Of Product
Lionnel Ducruet’s journey is one of industry legend. Starting as a pattern maker on the factory floor, he ascended to become Brand Director of Eider and Killy. He has been the silent architect behind brands like Black Crows, Planks, Horse Pilot and more. With three Gold ISPO awards for Eider and two additional Gold ISPO awards for his work with other prominent brands, Lionnel Ducruet is a force of nature.

Lionnel Ducruet emphasised our unwavering commitment to sustainability: “Sustainability is not merely a buzzword; it is intrinsic to our identity. We are at the vanguard of industry transformation, championing innovations such as recycled and bio-based materials, waste reduction strategies, and a holistic approach encompassing rental, resale, repair, and end-of-life collection initiatives. Furthermore, we have groundbreaking projects in the pipeline that will redefine industry standards.”

The eagerly anticipated FORWARD Fall/Winter 2023/2024 collection of high-performance gear is already en route to retailers.

FORWARD, with its stronghold in Verbier, Switzerland, and Annecy, France, is not just crafting eco-friendly high-performance apparel; we are setting an authoritative standard for excellence, progression and innovation.

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118 Plum Splitboard
118 Sunbum General
118 Rome Snowboard




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