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…Lost Apparel Partners With European Distributors Made in Corporation GMBH

…Lost Apparel, clothing brand based in San Clemente, California, continues grow its European network with new distributors in Germany, Austria, and Benelux Regions.

…Lost Apparel is pleased to announce they’ve partnered with Made in Corporation GMBH to distribute their products throughout Germany and Austria, while Made in Corporation’s partners, Colab48 are to cover distribution in the Benelux.

Jonathan Gilbert of …Lost Europe stated:
“Lost Apparel is excited to be partnering with Ralph Schafer and his team who are not only established Distributors in their regions, but also have a wealth of experience to contribute and helping develop the next exciting chapter of …Lost apparel’s story in Europe and connecting with our loyal core of …LOST customers in those regions.”

For enquiries, please contact:
…LOST Germany/Austria
[email protected]
+49 221 500 5570

…LOST Benelux
[email protected]
+32 474 832413

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