No Wahala

No Wahala Book Profits Donated To Tarkwa Bay (Nigeria) Surfing Community

Launching March 5, 2020, Oli Hillyer-Riley’s photographic book No Wahala presents the surfing and community life of youngsters living in Tarkwa Bay, Lagos, Nigeria. The book is in association with Dylan Grave’s Weird Waves series, which visited the region in the video below.

All profits from book sales will be donated to help the community of Tarkwa Bay and non-profit foundation Positive Vibe Warriors.

No Wahala

Press Release:
Oli Hillyer-Riley presents No Wahala, a photographic book on the young surf community of Tarkwa Bay, Lagos, Nigeria.

In the spring of 2019, I found myself travelling to Lagos, Nigeria. Here I met with Dylan Graves, Dave Malcolm, Paul Daniel & Dane Gudauskas as part of Weird Waves season two. Weird Waves is ‘‘a celebration of the raw side of surfing that is rarely championed, but no less compelling than any other break. Honouring the unsung heroes of surfing culture, it sheds a light on their passionate stories from across the globe’’. It was here in Nigeria we discovered something more than meets the eye.

Sitting on a right hand wedge, Tarkwa Bay comprises of a strong youth population. These children and teenagers have little but the ocean and the connection between the two is unparalleled; from sharing the few surfboards left from visiting surfers, to just treading water their happiness is something to admire. This love for the ocean has led to the hopes of certain teenagers representing Nigeria in surfing at future competitions and even at the Olympic games. No Wahala documents this connection and the experiences we shared with the boys of Tarkwa Bay.

Teenagers at Tarkwa Bay

Teenagers at Tarkwa Bay

The intention was for the profits off the book to go to NGO worker John Michelletti who oversees the progression and development of the surfers through the Tarkwa Bay surf club. This money would be used to buy new surfboards, swimwear and even travel to nearby countries for surf competitions. But, on Tuesday 21 January 2020, this peaceful beachside community was violently evicted by the Nigerian Navy during an operation to stop oil theft from pipelines that run across the island. Hundreds of innocent families were left destitute after their homes and personal belongings were destroyed. “Right now, our main priority is taking care of the kids and their families,” says John Micheletti, co-founder of the Tarkwa Bay surf club and a lifelong local. “We’re using any funds that the club had saved to provide food aid and assist with rebuilding homes or relocating affected families where this is not possible.”

The profits will now go to help the community of Tarkwa Bay in any way possible.

Evening of 5th March 2020 will see the book launch of No Wahala at Bean & Wheat, 321 Old St, Hackney, London EC1V 9LE.

No Wahala book

Framed prints, test prints from the book and the book itself will be available for purchase at the event. All profits of No Wahala will go to help the community of Tarkwa Bay as well as the non-profit foundation Positive Vibe Warriors.

To find out more about Positive Vibe Warriors and what they do, visit
From 5th March books will be available for purchase through

Book Details
56 page book
Dimensions – 215x280mm Portrait
Design – Nueker
Printing – DayFold
Full Colour offset CMYK
Cover 310gsm Gmund Action Pastel Heart Attack, Foil Black Gloss
Text 135gsm Naturalis Absolute White Smooth




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