Salty Crew new women's range

Salty Crew’s Women’s Range Launches in Europe

From February 4, European fans will be able to buy Salty Crew‘s women’s range online and in-store. The range launched in the US in November last year, however wasn’t available in Europe.

Press Release:

Salty Crew is expanding their product offering to include a women’s range STARTING FROM SPRING 2022.

Available in the US since November 2021, the women’s collection will be available in Europe from February 4, 2022.

The new range is inspired by the women who follow the ‘Salty’ lifestyle: The Salty Crew woman surfs, travels, boats, dives and hikes just like the Salty Crew man. The women’s collection is driven by the brand and carries similar characteristics to the men’s line, only in a much more feminine way. Imagined by the US Salty Crew team, it offers product that have been designed for women in terms of fit, graphics, colourways and styles.

Tee-shirts, sweaters, shorts, dresses, accessories and much more, discover the full range here.

We’ve been thinking about launching a women’s range for some time now as shops & consumers have been asking for it. The brand is also quite popular among women on social media as 20% of our followers are organically women that participate in the Salty Crew lifestyle. It felt right and the perfect moment to create a women’s range.

Available in-store and online from February 4.

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