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SHOPS 1ST TRY Goes Greener

Shops 1st Try goes greener and meets criteria for Austrian “Green Meeting” certificate.

At the last event, Shops 1st Try worked hard to further reduce its environmental impact by separating waste, using reusable cups, sourcing local produce for the dinners and a lot more, with visitors welcome to bring their own cups and whilst a partnership with Go-Shred meant shops could share rides.

This year Shops 1st try takes another step forward thanks to a new co-operation with the Austrian doormat manufacturer, Kleen-Tex. Kleen-Tex doormats will replace single-use trade show carpets used in the past in the Highlight Exhibition Dinner area, which had to be thrown away after the event, the new Kleen-Tex doormats will be reused every year! This cooperation with Kleen-Tex makes the event one of the most environmentally friendly trade fairs in the sporting goods industry

And thanks to this and the green catering, reusable exhibition stands, functioning waste separation system and its own “cup washing system” for drinking cups in the outdoor area, SHOPS 1st TRY now meets the criteria for the Austrian “Green Meeting” certificate.

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