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American Surf Brand Captain Fin Heads To Europe

Press release:
Captain Fin, Back To The Beach!

In the wake of Liberated Brands’ recent acquisition, the esteemed global master licensee for industry powerhouses Volcom and Spyder, we are thrilled to announce the highly-anticipated official launch of Captain Fin in Europe.

Since its inception in 2007, Captain Fin has remained at the helm of the industry, crafting exceptional surfboard fins, clothing, and surfing accessories. Renowned for its iconic anchor logo, Captain Fin has continuously collaborated with the world’s most influential professional surfers, artists, skaters, and musicians, resulting in a collection of “must-have” high-quality products. The brand’s unwavering dedication to the global surf culture and profound love for all things water have established it as an inclusive and enthralling force ready to embark on a remarkable journey of expansion and pure, unadulterated fun.

At Captain Fin, we hold our passionate staff, esteemed retailers, talented team riders, and loyal supporters in the highest regard. As we embark on this exciting new chapter, our commitment to cherishing and nurturing these invaluable relationships remains unwavering. To ignite this new era, we are thrilled to announce the revitalization of our apparel collection, now infused with sustainable materials, and imbued with an irreverent spirit of creativity that reflects our unique brand DNA.

Aligned with our vision, we are equally delighted to unveil the launch of an all-new, cutting-edge pan-European website. This captivating digital platform serves as a vibrant community hub, seamlessly bridging the gap between our brand’s vision and the discerning European audience who eagerly await Captain Fin’s arrival.

With the highly anticipated Spring 2024 season on the horizon, we anticipate showcasing our new apparel line to the market. Simultaneously, we will continue to provide exceptional fins and accessories that embody the spirit of the most eclectic surfers and shapers in the world. Every product is designed to inspire and accompany those who choose to explore the uncharted and embark on thrilling aquatic adventures.

Today marks the dawning of an exhilarating future for Captain Fin as we set sail on this new chapter, driven by our unwavering commitment to any vessel, and the relentless desire to have the most enjoyable surfing experiences imaginable.

Captain Fin, Any Vessel Will Do.

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