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Doubledeck Snowboards’ CEO Talks Patented Technology, Marketing Strategies & Let-To-Rent Scheme

Having surprised the industry last winter with their unique patented ‘motherboard’ and ‘bridging bow’ technology, elevating rider’s feet above the board, Doubledeck Snowboards have seen a level of demand that outstrips their ability to supply. We chat with CEO Andreas Kramer about the brand’s latest developments, marketing plans and their revolutionary Let-to-Rent scheme.

Please take us through the latest technical developments at DoubleDeck
All boards consist of the motherboard and the curved bow construction, the CONVEX PRESSURE BOW SYSTEM. The CPS is mounted over the entire length of the motherboard.

The CPS can only be used in combination with a DOUBLEDECK motherboard because conventional boards do not contain the required, and patented, ICS technology.

ICS technology ensures the motherboard’s ability to twist up to 45 degrees in the longitudinal axis and, in combination with the patented CPS technology, enables a spring effect.

The board is aimed at both beginners and more experienced riders, what type of rider has the board been most popular/successful with so far do you think?
As we have just started the supply now for this winter season with some elected retail partners, we cannot yet foresee what type of rider will like it most. However, we believe that the board will be used by beginners as well as by advanced riders. Doubledeck snowboards black

Where are you currently selling the most, via your own online store or with retailers,
and what is the best national market in Europe for the brand and why?
We are focusing on retailers. Especially with our new Let-to-Rent concept retailers receive a new tool for selling and renting out the Doubledeck with neither binding their cashflow nor needing to store the goods inside their shop.

When we last spoke you were planning a big B2C campaign, what did that involve and how successful has it been with customers?
We postponed the campaign since we’ve only just started supplying elected retailers for this winter. We will do continuous marketing throughout the year to support a step-by-step growth of the brand and then do big marketing for the 24/25 season.

How popular has your pioneering Let-to-Rent rental scheme been since its launch?
It will be launched this season with elected retailers. The demand currently is higher than the quantity we can support for this winter. Thus, we decided to move forward on a selected retailer partnership for this season and we will be happy to widen our capacity for the upcoming season 24/25. Doubledeck snowboards rider

Doubledeck is headed by none other than legendary pro rider Terje Haakonsen, are there any ideas to add other pro riders to the Doubledeck team, and if so, what will you be looking for in a rider/brand ambassador?
We hired a team manager with many years of experience inside the snowboard industry. He is working on building a team consisting of skilled and known riders, but also including some rookies to help create a good image for Doubledeck.

What will be your main marketing stories for 23/24?
In 23/24 we will focus on our Let-to-Rent program. DOUBLEDECK Snowboards has developed a special return policy for rental stations. At the end of the season the rental stations return our boards, and we recycle up to 75% of the used material and make new boards out of it.

What are your hopes for the 23/24 season, not just for the brand but snowboarding in general?
Of course, we hope for a successful start to the season with our new Doubledeck snowboards. Personally, I aspire to see a strengthened sense of community, collaboration, and affordability in the sport, making snowboarding accessible and enjoyable for a diverse range of people. And of course, more sense for the environment. There’s no planet B.

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