EuroSIMA waterman's ball

EuroSIMA’s 19th Waterman’s Ball, October 5, 2018

EuroSIMA is hosting the 19th Waterman’s Ball on October 5, 2018 at Hossegor Casino with nearly 300 people expected to attend EuroSIMA are pleased to host surfer and musician Lee-Ann Curren for a solo concert. 

EuroSIMA waterman's ball

Press Release: EUROSIMA invites you to join us on Friday, October 5, 2018 at 7pm at the Hossegor Casino for THE event of the year for the European Surfing Industry: the 19th Waterman’s Ball.

Nearly 300 people are expected to attend, including CEOs, institutional representatives, pro surfers, celebrities and the press for a festive evening to share a love of surfing.

For entertainment this year, we are thrilled to welcome surfer and musician Lee-Ann Curren for a solo concert.

With the great Californian surfer and musician Tom Curren for a father, it’s no surprise that Lee-Ann has bounced back and forth between music and surfing her entire life.

But today, she has found her own voice, drawing inspiration from her various travels across the oceans. Her music, a mix of electronic folk inspired by 80s indie rock takes the audience on a trip somewhere between dreams and waves.

For the occasion, we invite Waterman’s Ball guests to don an 80s dress code.



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