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Northwave/Drake On Marketing Strategies, New Products & Inclusivity Projects

It’s been a busy time for Northwave/Drake recently, shaking up their snowboard boot division with the addition of former Italian pro rider Andrea Codoro and ex-Salomon boot developer Paolo Durante to the team, along with the release of two new iconic boot models. We caught up with the brand to see how they are now positioned going forward, marketing strategies and their new inclusivity projects.

How has business been since we last caught up?
Our snowboard division had good and positive results in 2023, but on the other side for the first year after a long time we are feeling all the difficulties of the bike industry, where the inventory level in the market has been too high.

Moreover, in the last year and a half we have focused on rebuilding our snowboard division, with riders and professionals with experience in the industry. The mood in the team and all the ideas & projects that we have put in place are really ambitious and promising!

You recently showcased two new iconic boot models at the International Sales meeting, the Decade and the Freedom, can you give us the lowdown on the boots and what type of rider they are aimed at?
We kept these iconic names because the target and features of these models remained the same, but obviously the construction and materials were updated to evolve their performance. Decade is an all-mountain boot with a mid-stiff flex which is perfect for a versatile riding, equipped with a brand-new outsole with a lower profile for a better board feeling while reducing the whole weight by more than 10%. Freedom is another mid-entry boot with a softer flex compared to the Decade, but still in a range that can be used all-around.

How will you be marketing the new lines across Europe?
We will use a mix of channels to reach our customers with the new line, but let’s say focusing on demos and digital communication. Northwave boots Migliorato NR

Northwave/Drake produce a wide variety of boots, boards and bindings, what has been the best performing product line over the last few seasons?

Former Italian pro-snowboarder and founder of CMYK shoe brand Andrea Codoro is now your senior designer, what current projects is he overseeing and how has his background as a former pro helped the brand do you think?
He personally follows all of our new projects, such as the new Decade and Freedom, he also actively participates in all steps of the products’ development, including testing new protos on snow. Also, the long-term friendship and common background with our Product Development manager Paolo Durante is crucial in developing a shared vision and taking significant challenges for the team in the boardsports “experience”. Andrea’s experience in the footwear industry, his culture and creativity as designer and entrepreneur forge a multidisciplinary approach that will bring a breath of fresh air to the solid identity of the brand.

You’ve also recently brought in ex-Salomon snowboard boot developer Paolo Durante to the team as Product Manager, what changes/ideas has he implemented?
His first task has been to “rethink” the NW boots line and make them more performing and modern. The next chapter will be to complete the renovation of the boots collection.

Regarding Drake’s boards and bindings, he’s working with the new team to give the brand a stronger identity and to improve continuously our range of products. Northwave boots

Can you explain what the Tao of Drake and PMS Women’s projects are all about?
These two projects are the result of our Company vision, it’s an important pillar in terms of inclusivity. These two videos are a message of inclusivity and equality between genders in the snowboarding industry, we’ve put a lot of commitment and resources into it. Tao of Drake, which is the name of the project, but also the model of our unisex jibbing board, is definitely showing that this is happening, while PMS (Please make space) is totally dedicated to our female team and that’s now evolving into a new project called “Rollercoaster”.

Those projects signify how the company has always focused its strategy on team and grassroots promotions, such as sponsoring local contests and riders etc…what other projects are in the pipeline and how else are you continuing that strategy?
We are doing our best to support the snowboard scene in many ways and it is crucial to have touch points with snowboarders, “our consumers”. We will have a scouting day in February in order to meet – and be in touch with – young riders, the event will be a contest where the winner will be sponsored from Drake and Northwave starting from next season.

What are your hopes for the up-and-coming season for the brand, and the snowboard industry as a whole?
We have positive expectations and already some very positive feedback on our new BOOTS collection, even though, in the snowboard industry, we’re seeing some signals that we could have a year of general slow-down due to high inventory level in the main markets.

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