Rojo Base Layers 2024/25 Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Base Layers 2024/25 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  Rojo
Interviewee: Jassie Salveson, Marketing and Sales

What’s your base layer strategy for 2024/2025?
Climate conscious, price-point and cross functional. As consumers increasingly prioritize cost-conscious choices, it’s essential for us to keep creating products that are versatile enough to be worn in various conditions while still excelling in their primary setting, the snowy mountains. Our distinctively colourful designs and prints, a hallmark of ROJO Outerwear, not only pay homage to nature but also inspire customers to step outside and fuel their mountain calling. That’s why our 24/25 base layer is breaking boundaries by expanding its utility. With its high-neck silhouette, it provides protection in extreme mountain environments, whether you’re on the slopes or exploring off-piste. Meanwhile, our cropped 7/8 pants offer the support you need, whether you’re making smooth downhill turns or starting the day with a sun salutation. We’re all about encouraging our customers to explore beyond the traditional confines of base layer clothing.

Are there any new trends in base layers?
The base layer trends remain influenced by outdoor activities and the athleisure culture. We’re all about crafting products that not only meet these demands but also bring added value to the consumer while considering the environment. Naturally, our vibrant colours and stunning prints play a significant role in marketing, encouraging consumers to mix and match to create their unique style – a signature theme in the ROJO collection.

What are the key materials you are using?
ROJO Outerwear base layers are made from four way stretch polyester with a cosy brush for next to skin comfort. 90% polyester and 10% spandex.

Do you have any tech innovations for 2024/25?
We persist in employing breathable, anti-pilling, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and 4-way stretch materials. As we look ahead to our 25/26 lineup, we aim to incorporate further innovations. This will involve enhancing our sustainability commitment under the Positive Change banner.

What colours and patterns are you working with?
Our pallet draws on Tinted Darks taken from exploration and its deepest outer realms, Earthly rusts, neutrals and greens connecting themes full of warmth, environment and longevity. Faded apricot and Tangerine that nourish the soul. The colour of positivity. Shadow Lime a therapeutic and mindful pastel used with ethereal blues like Hydrangea. Gentle tints of Quiet Quartz, Orchid Petal and Glacial Tones of Surf Spray and Clear Sky. Calming tints. Serenity and freshness to lighten the load. As always, our pallet is designed to Mix and Match, allowing the wearer to create their own look which of course can be paired back to our Outerwear and accessories collection.

What are your main price points?
Our prices range from 55 to 90.09 EU.

Key Products

Base Layer Hood:
Crafted with a high neck and a hood, this garment empowers you to break through limits and stay cozy in the face of icy mountain winds. It’s also a versatile choice for cooler months, whether you’re hiking or hitting the gym. Thanks to the moisture-wicking fabric, you’ll remain comfortably dry and warm, whether you’re on the mountain or off it.



Funnel Neck:
Created with an icy day on the mountain in mind, our funnel neck top serves as an extra neck warmer, effectively trapping the warmth as you take on the elements. Its vibrant colours and stylish prints seamlessly blend mountain and street fashion, making it a versatile choice for various activities.



7/8 Pant:
Featuring a functional design that’s perfect for layering, this garment provides added warmth and support around the waist, all thanks to its sturdy waistband that prevents slipping. It’s suitable for wearing both downhill on the resort slopes and during your yoga and Pilates sessions. The subtle woven badge details on printed options and ROJO branding on solid colours come together to create a unified and cohesive design.



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