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Reell Revamp Reflex Range With 50% Organic Cotton

Remaining true to its core for over 20 years, Reell have created products that straddle style, functionality, and comfort. Never losing touch with their brand identity, the company have now expanded across European borders and have diversified in their product range. Global team manager, Tomasz gives us the details on Reell’s core USP and how these stand out against the changing trends of modern-day street culture.

Please tell us more about the history of the brand.
Reell or Reelljeans started in 1997 with the idea to produce stylish & comfortable jeans, cargo pants and chinos for the action sports scene – especially for skateboarders. The first baggy jeans were created for the skate scene, artists, musician subculture. After 5 years the brand grew, with an international competition win in 2001! In 2002 I started the skate team with 5 team riders. This has grown massively as we now have 17 active skateboarders and 3 support team riders around Europe and 4 exclusive riders in BMX and MTB. A solid growth in the past 20 years.

Tell us more about your product and different lines you carry.
The Reflex line is very significant for us. To this day, one of the mainstay features of the Reell Reflex®, apart from the simple sizing XS – XL and the Flex Fabric, is the stretch waistband with drawstring. This results in a perfect fit and high wearing comfort appropriately made for an alternative and sporty scene. Apart from a few small Scandinavian approaches, Reell was the first brand in Europe with this new type of trousers. We never really stopped producing baggy pants even in the time where skinny jeans & pants were fashionable. There was a time for 2-3 years where we concentrated more on straight cut and skinnies, but wide pants or even baggys were steady. After a period of time, they have come back into fashion even stronger.

Bright 2017 Reell x Skate Aid Charity Collab

Bright 2017 Reell x Skate Aid Charity Collab

What sets you aside from other brands on the market?
Comfort, style and our handling of relations to different subcultures, especially in skateboarding & with artists. We have a vision to realize and capture the different projects in subculture scenes that I’m personally connected with. You have to live & love it, otherwise you start something without identification and that’s fake! You have to be true and correct. That’s mostly a difference between brands.

Who is your target customer?
People who love to wear stylish comfortable clothes. Action sports people. People who love festivals. Subcultures. Musicians, artistic people and common people with a great attitude.

What are your best performing European markets?
Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland.

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Reichenbach x Bearbeitet

How do you market your brand in the boardsport space?
With the skate team, advertising in skate print & online media, event / contest sponsoring, support in skate, BMX and MTB. We also support, musicians, artists, Youtubers.

What are the main trends in jeans at the moment?
Trends are coming and going all the time. But there’s definitely a buzz for a sustainably driven product that’s comfortable and loose in style.

What can we expect from your upcoming collections?
The Reflex range is coming up, especially the Loose Chino & Meadow collection, which is getting stronger. Baggy pants of course in different washes and colours with 50% organic cotton. Loose fit pants from our Reflex line for women. Chino, cargo, and worker shorts for the summertime of course too. Lots to come!

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On the cover: Laura Hemming, skate coach at Graystone Action Sports. Photo: Chris Chatt.


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