Isabella Gomez x ROXY

Roxy Welcomes Big Wave Surfer Isabella Gomez to Team

Previous SUP World Champion, and Big Wave World Champ hopeful, Isabella Gomez has become Team Roxy’s newest member. She’ll join the team alongside an already impressive line-up of world champs.

Press Release:

ROXY is proud to announce that Florida-native Isabella Gomez has joined the brand’s world-renowned team. The SUP and Big Wave surfer will be joining a team of 100+ athletes from across 5 continents.

Born in Holmes Beach, FL, Isabella Gomez grew up surrounded by surf culture, looking up to local stars such as Lisa Andersen and Kelly Slater. At age 6, she became passionate about Stand Up Paddle, a sport that was soaring in locations such as California and Hawaii.
At 14, Izzy qualified for the SUP World Tour and by the following season, she had become the new World Champion and a fan-favourite.

Since then, Izzy has gravitated towards big wave surfing, standing proudly in the line-up on legendary waves such as Jaws. The sport is well-known for being the most extreme version of surfing, but the young athlete faces the challenges head-on and with balance.

“My dreams for the next 5 years would definitely have to be getting barreled at Jaws, becoming Big Wave World Champion and giving the Qualifying / Challenger Series a good run! I’d really love to explore more big wave spots and get comfortable in different lineups.” – Isabella Gomez

Izzy Joins a team of international female surfers and longboarders including 7x World Champion Stephanie Gilmore, 4x World Champion Lisa Andersen, 2x World Champion Kelia Moniz, Olympian Caroline Marks, Vahine Fierro and Kelis Kaleopa’a.

“Becoming a ROXY girl is my childhood dream come true! Growing up, ROXY had such an impact on me and the way I saw surfing. To me the brand represents fun, sisterhood, heart, and strong powerful women. I’m so stoked to be a ROXY Girl!”

This team of women has been at the forefront of conversations and efforts to make surfing increasingly equal and fair.

“It’s so cool because a lot of the things I hoped to see in women’s surfing are now on the table, such as equal pay, the chance for the women to compete in the same waves as the men and the rise of the next generation. That being said, I hope the industry will continue to build off this momentum and give the women the opportunities they deserve.”

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