SAXX Underwear Talk Ballpark Technology, Best-Sellers, And Marketing

SAXX launched in North America in 2006 and now available in Europe we caught up with International Sales Director, Tom Helleberg to find out more about their BallPark Pouch™ technology and how the brand is gaining serious momentum globally.

Please tell us some facts and figures on SAXX since its foundation.
Founded in 2006, SAXX has revolutionized men’s premium underwear with our patented BallPark Pouch™ technology – a hammock-shaped pouch built into each pair which our customers refer to as “life changing.” SAXX product designs have since expanded to include comfortable, premium, high-performance men’s apparel tailored to support an active lifestyle.

With over 5,800 retailer partner doors across North America, UK, Europe, Japan, and Australia, SAXX is actively extending its brand reach globally.

Why has the brand been so successful?
It all started with a founder who was an entrepreneur, an avid outdoorsman, and college baseball player. He was simply tired of having his underwear be a constant source of discomfort in challenging outdoor conditions and when playing sports. While on an extended fishing trip in Alaska he developed the concept of a product feature that could solve this discomfort. He took inspiration from his passion for baseball and the design of a catcher’s mitt to develop the unique feature that would become the BallPark Pouch™ and the eventual foundation of the SAXX brand.

At SAXX, we are obsessed with the comfort of manhood that is revolutionizing the men’s underwear industry. SAXX underwear keeps guys comfortable, confident, and ready for action in any situation, thanks in part to its BallPark Pouch™. The brand is one of the fastest-growing men’s underwear companies and is poised for growth beyond the underwear market, as we incorporate our BallPark Pouch™ technology into other categories such as activewear, sleepwear, and swimwear.

What has been the best-selling product in the line over the last few years and why?
We develop products with specific use in mind and as a result we have several consistent winners.

The VIBE SUPER SOFT – For everyday use, this style features a super soft viscose fabric with just the right amount of Elasthane to provide subtle compression and support. You can wear the VIBE to the office or the gym after and you’ll be comfortable in both situations.

The KINETIC LIGHT-COMPRESSION MESH – Designed to provide added compression around specific muscle groups, the KINETIC is constructed with additional panels, slightly more Elasthane, anti-odour fabrication, and the BallPark Pouch has a slightly modified design to provide additional support for high intensity sport usage.

The QUEST QUICK DRY MESH – This style has become the go to favourite for the outdoor and travel user. The QUEST is constructed with an exceptionally comfortable nylon and polyester blend mesh fabric that is moisture wicking, quick drying, cooling, and odour resistant. This design allows you to pack light and wash and dry on the go.

All of our underwear also features our unique Flatout Seams, and 3-D Fit design for minimum friction and maximum comfort.

What technology are you most proud of introducing?
The BallPark Pouch is our single most important differentiator and is definitely the most compelling reason for a new customer to try SAXX. The experience is truly “life changing”.  Having said that, we have several new innovations to announce in the coming months.

How do you market your brand in Europe?
We market SAXX in Europe through events, PR agencies, selective print and digital advertising, social media, strategic partnerships with key retailers, product seeding, consumer and trade events, and artist and athlete collaborations. Occasionally we get a little extra help and media coverage from celebrity fans such as Jaime Oliver (thank you, Jamie!).

Word of mouth has been one of our most powerful marketing tools and ultimately our goal is just to get a potential customer to try the product. At the end of the day the BallPark Pouch from SAXX provides such a unique experience that users are compelled to return to buy more and love to share their experience with family and friends.

Why should retailers carry your brand?
SAXX delivers a unique and extraordinary product experience to consumers while simultaneously solving many of their comfort related problems. Our research shows that most first time SAXX purchasers will return to buy additional pairs and typically convert their entire underwear drawers to SAXX within a short time.

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