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Vans Partners With Skateistan To Build & Support Skateboard Communities

To support, build communities and help nurture skateboarding at its roots, Vans has teamed up with Skateistan. The partnership will see Vans donate a portion of each custom shoe sale made between June 21 to August 30 to Tides Foundation (in support of Skateistan).

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Vans Spotlights the Power of Skateboarding in Partnership with Tony Hawk, Skateistan and Vans Athletes in New Community-focused Campaign

“No Matter How Big Skateboarding Gets, Never Forget Where It Starts”  

Vans will donate up to US$200K to Tides Foundation in support of Skateistan to help youth around the world experience the power of skateboarding

In celebration of Go Skateboarding Day, Vans, the global leader in skateboarding for over 50 years, proudly announces a new partnership with Skateistan, the award-winning international non-profit organization which empowers youth through skateboarding and education in Afghanistan, Cambodia, South Africa and supports other social skate projects around the world.

With this campaign, Vans reminds fans that skateboarding would not be where it is today without the strength of community. In a new video campaign titled “Where It Starts”, Vans and Skateistan zero in on what makes skateboarding so special—the streets, skateparks, backyard pools and communities that built skateboarding from the ground up. Fans will hear from skateboarding’s most talented stars including skateboarding legend, Vans athlete, and Skateistan board member, Tony Hawk, Vans skaters Lizzie Armanto and Pedro Barros, and Skateistan ambassador Yann Horowitz.

“As skateboarding prepares to see its largest media attention in history, the focus will mainly be on competition – but Vans and Skateistan want to raise awareness on the importance of supporting skateboarding’s development at the community level,” said Vans Global Sr. Director of Action Sports, Bobby Gascon. “Unlike traditional sports where athletes are aided with scholarships and various government programs, skateboarding requires support at ground zero – within its communities. We are excited to continue being that foundation for skaters all around the world and advocating Skateistan’s mission to do so as well.”

Skateistan dedicates resources to groups often excluded from sports and educational opportunities, especially girls, children living with disabilities and those from low-income backgrounds. With support from their global network, The Goodpush Alliance, the non-profit supports growth and development of the skateboard community all over the world, celebrating the unique culture of skateboarders and their creative self-expression.

Vans Skater Lizzie Armanto Designing her Vans Skate Customs shoes

Vans Skater Lizzie Armanto designing her Vans Skate Customs shoes

Now through September, Vans will donate $10 USD from every pair of Vans Custom Skate Classics purchased from Vans on from June 21 to August 30  – up to US$200k – to Tides Foundation in support of Skateistan. Consumers will be able to create their own unique pair of Vans Skate Classics and in doing so, can give back to an incredibly worthy cause in honor of Go Skateboarding Day.

Vans x Skateistan partnership

Vans fans can visit to watch the new video spots of the “Where It Starts” campaign beginning July 6. Fans can now create their own Custom Skate Classics with select recipes from Vans ambassadors and athletes to donate directly to Skateistan’s programming. Share your custom designs and where skateboarding started for you by tagging @vansskate on social media today.

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On the cover: Laura Hemming, skate coach at Graystone Action Sports. Photo: Chris Chatt.


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