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70s Style Helmet Collab From Hedon X Wheels & Waves

Team Honda hit the American motocross scene in ’73 when Gary Jones took the home the national title. The new helmet collab from Hedon X Wheels & Waves is inspired by Team Honda’s colours and the wheels & waves lifestyle that was born in 1970s southern Cali. 

Hedon X Wheels and Waves

OFFICIAL! Glad to introduce the HEDON X WHEELS AND WAVES HELMET 2020!!!

Images of the sun, sand surf of Biarritz beaches, the dust of El Rollo and the dirt of the DEUS Swank Rally, drew our thoughts to the early days of motorcross in Southern California; inspired by the iconic colours of the Honda motorcross teams from the 70’s, where the wheels and waves lifestyle solidified itself as a way of life. The HEDON x WHEELS & WAVES 2020 helmet is a tribute to this time and lifestyle, to when and where it all began.

– Retro styled, vented MX peak
– Composite fibre shell of fibreglass and carbon fibre
– Heritage design with Gold Leaf Paint, gloss finish
– Hed Armour lining with 360″ cushion padding
– Natural calf leather trim and lining
– Brass anodised Steel HEDON plate
– Brass anodised steel hardware
– Brass anodised steel DD buckle
– Ultra light and low profile shell
– E 22.05 – DOT on request

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