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Triple Eight Distribution’s Acquistion Of Pro-Tec: Interview With Marketing Manager Noah Todaro

Triple Eight Distribution recently dropped the big news that it’s taken over Pro-Tec, the popular action-sports protective gear and helmet brand, further enhancing their standing as one of the top suppliers of protective gear in the industry.

We just had to find out more, so grabbed Triple Eight marketing manager Noah Todaro to tell us about the acquisition and their future plans.

Please can you tell us about the details behind Triple Eight’s decision to purchase Pro-Tec, how and why did the deal come about?
When the opportunity came up to make the acquisition, it was a no brainer for us. Pro-Tec has a rich history of providing protective gear for the core skate market – and combined with our operations, we identified a ton of potential to grow the brand.

Will the Pro-Tec name and product line still be maintained?
Yes, for the most part. We’re planning on adding some new products under the Pro-Tec brand name early on as well.

Keegan Palmer Triple 8 Men's Park X Games

Keegan Palmer Triple 8 Men’s Park X Games. Credit Chris Ortiz

How will integrating Pro-Tec’s line into Triple Eight’s move the business forward?
We are now the #1 supplier for protective gear between our brands Triple Eight, Pro-Tec and 187 Killer Pads. To be able to get all brands in one place will benefit our customers, and ultimately, us.

How will the management structure operate within the new look setup?
Pro-Tec will be folded into Triple Eight Distribution’s current operations and management structure.

Will there be any changes to the way Pro-Tec products are distributed and marketed across Europe after the takeover?
No, we are working to make the transition as seamless as possible for all domestic and international accounts.

How will the takeover affect European retailers that stock Pro-Tec and Triple Eight products?
Again, we’re trying to make the integration into our operations as seamless as possible. Hopefully things for our retailers become much easier in the near future.

Lady Layback Rollout LV Swift 2023

Lady Layback Rollout LV Swift 2023

How will you differentiate Pro-Tec products from Triple Eights range, and your competitors, moving forward?
This is definitely a challenge, but something we’re currently working on. A lot of the differentiation will come in the form of branding and messaging, although there are certainly products that stand out as unique to each brand.

Will Pro-Tec’s signature lines, like Sky Brown’s for example, be retained and are there any future collabs/lines due for release?
We’re working on revamping the signature products: the ones that currently exist will not be brought forward in their current form, they’ll be slightly different.

This is Triple Eight’s second acquisition after taking over 187 Killer in 2018, how has that worked out and what affect did it have on your decision to buy Pro-Tec?
Purchasing 187 Killer Pads has been hugely beneficial to the overall business, and the success there made it easier to justify the acquisition of Pro-Tec. Now more than ever, all the protective gear any account can need is found under one roof.

Could you explain Triple Eight Distribution’s approach to retail for 24/25 and moving forward?
We’re hoping to revamp our retail approach in the coming years with live activations – from events, all the way down to product education and demos. It’s important that consumers understand which products are right for them, and we rely on our retail accounts to help aid in that process.


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