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Base Layers 2024/25 Retail Buyer’s Guide

As above, so below. Gearing up doesn’t stop with your shell or even the mid layer – it’s what’s beneath, that really counts. Anna Langer on  baselayer trends for FW24/25. 

Whether you think about health, comfort or performance – what touches your skin, the biggest organ of your body, is rather crucial. Even more so when it’s covering all your limbs and you’ll probably sweat in it.

So it does make sense to go natural. “Mons Royale’s base layer strategy for 2024/25 centers around the resurgence of natural materials. We’ve always stood behind merino wool as the world’s best material for mountain sports,” says Jana Linicus, Marketing Manager Europe. Woolf underline their “unwavering commitment to sustainably sourced Merino wool. It’s a testament to our dedication to the environment and aligns with the demand for sustainable options while enhancing the overall performance of our base layers.” And sustainability, as well a know, is a factor that almost every consumer is paying attention to in 2024.

Yet Rojo find that they are as cost-conscious nowadays and answer that with “products that are versatile enough to be worn in various conditions while still excelling in their primary setting, the snowy mountains” explains Jassie Salveson, Marketing and Sales at Rojo Outerwear. Eivy also focus on multi functionality: “Our overall strategy is to have an offering that lets women travel as light as possible and have as much fun as possible with as few garments as possible!” says Anna Vister, Creative Director.

Smartwool state: “We’re continuing to perfect our layering system to complete our Merino wool kit offering. Most importantly, we’re continuing to ensure anyone who wants to get outside can get outside with expanded fit options and diverse design. We’re launching the Thermal Merino Baselayer in Plus Size for Women this FW24/25.

Airblaster focus on “crafting pieces that not only keep you comfortable and cozy but also stand the test of time” while Picture Organic Clothing find that their consumers follow the design trends more than the functional.


Next to Woolf, Smartwool and Mons Royale, who bet solely on Merino Wool, Eivy have added their first wool collection: “In 24/25 we added two new Responsible Wool Standard® qualities: One core spun 4-way stretch version and one 2×2 rib 4-way stretch version.” This includes a printed wool base layer in their signature Eivy fit with integrated neckwarmer. Responsible Wool Standard fabric which is musling-free is also the standard at Ben3th: “Sustainability matters. Our waistbands are now GRS-certified and OKEO-TEX guarantees that our end products are tested and proven free from harmful toxic chemicals.”

With their whole brand ethos centered on environmentally friendly production, Picture Organic Clothing also put a lot of thought into their materials, their sourcing and processing: “Our knit is made from 93% Recycled Polyester and two treatments to improve moisture wicking and anti bacterial properties,” explains Product Manager Maxime Lemaitre. Airblaster showcase a new material for their Ninja Suit Pro: “Dry Tech stretch woven, and Air Tech stretch knit, which are 92% and 94% recycled, respectively. Both have dual-density brushed micro fleece on  the skin side for soft touch and amazing wicking and warming capabilities,” says Jesse Grandkoski, Co-founder & Creative. 

The printed mid-weight bottoms by Saxx are also made of 85% recycled Polyester and have a texture on the back of the fabric which is enhances breathability with less cling, improving the air flow to the body. Ben3th focus on their ISPO award winning original 3D pouch technology that features in all their merino wool base layer bottoms.


When it comes to design, you have all the options. From solid blacks, which Woolf count on, to crazy patterns, which Airblaster are known for, and everything in between.

Eivy add a dark brown called Faded Chocolate to their solids and Picture Organic pair Chicory Coffee and Cacao Brown with Vanilla, Paisley Purple, and Wild Lime. Rojo mix Earthly Rusts, Neutrals and Greens with Faded Apricot and Tangerine. Mons Royale take inspiration from the natural elements of the mountain landscape, featuring bright and bold hues. For Saxx the outdoor inspiration brings “Bluecast Grays and rich Teal as key colours.” And even Woolf introduce more subtle and appealing earth tones across various pieces.

Patterns include colourblocks and inspirations from mountains and snowflakes by Smartwool, Alpine Floral prints from Mons Royale, Real Tree APX, Bode Space and Chainz (Nick Dirks) signature prints at Airblaster to camouflage, classical from Saxx and with a feminine take from Eivy, who also continue their Big Flower design.

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