Snow Protection FW24/25 Retail Buyer’s Guide

Awareness of impact protection has spread beyond the head to other body parts. Brands are striving to deliver safety in comfortable pieces that will be no nuisance to wear. By Rocio Enriquez.

Consumers are more aware than ever of the potential for injury. Helmets have cemented their place in the list of riding must-haves. Protection beyond the head is also perceived as important but faces different challenges. The most important one is interference with riding performance. Body protection must be, above all, non-restrictive and breathable.

Riders only use protective gear that they can forget they are wearing. This means soft, light, and flexible. Most bestsellers in the market fit this description. Some examples are Xion PG’s Nosleeve Vest Freeride, Evoc’s Protector Vest, Clover’s Backprotector, and Forcefield’s Pro Air Body Armour. Versatility is a bonus. The ability to use the same padding for snowboarding, skateboarding or mountain biking adds value to their purchase.

FW24/25 Product Highlights.

Brands rely on their proven designs, focusing development efforts on materials and sustainability. Climate control fabrics are paramount to offer a product that prevents heat build-up. Amplifi uses Miharo, a natural fibre with outstanding management of temperature and odour. Their new 3D honeycomb mesh in the hip area of their MKX Top and Reactor Waistcoat improve climate control. The MKX Top has a brand-new shape and improved fit. The Reactor Waistcoat features a discreet hip belt that ensures fit whatever the body shape or riding position.

Flaxta relies on their AVA protection system, which combines absorption, ventilation, and flexibility. We can find it integrated in their Behold Back Protector. Evoc has developed an odour control fabric made of coffee grounds. It is integrated in their Protector Vest and its Lite and Pro versions. For impact protection materials, Clover has paired with RZ Labs. “RZ Labs technology handles heavy impacts, offering a flexible shield that stiffens upon impact”, says Joeri van de Vliet. It can be found in their Crashpants, as well.

Amplifi features their Exoflex back protector with a viscoelastic foam that quickly returns to its original form after impact. It has an adapted and spontaneous damping behaviour that ensures it adapts to the type of impact exposed to. They have added new rib pads to their Reactor Waistcoat for additional protection. Evoc works with their own Liteshield Protection Technology. Xion PG and Prosurf work with D3O. Xion PG highlights their Power Evo Italian fabric. “It has been updated to provide better stretch and enhanced abrasion resistance”, says Björn Clausen. We can find it in their bestselling NoSleeve Vest, and their Shorts Freeride Evo designed to protect coccyx and hips. Forcefield has revised their Pro Air range, combining their CE2 level armour with a seamless base layer mesh. Prosurf chooses very light lycra to ensure minimum weight. Triple8 uses neoprene. They highlight their Covert Knee and Elbow pads, the Undercover Snow Knee and Wrist Guards, and their Bumsaver Padded Shorts.

Many new materials aim for sustainability. Amplifi’s Miharo fibres are fast growing and renewable. Evoc fuses repurposed coffee grounds with recycled PET for their outer fabrics. Forcefield uses recycled fabrics in their GTech range. The highly ventilated jacket of Clover’s Backprotector is also made with recycled fabrics. There are noticeable efforts to implement sustainability beyond the use of eco-friendly materials. Amplifi implemented a Zero Waste process in the injection of the MKX parts. Every offcut is carefully collected and upcycled into new products. All their packing materials are recycled. Xion PG has centralised 90% of the raw materials sourcing and 100% of labour within the EU, reducing transportation related emissions and supporting local economies. Evoc works with leading partners for chemical and mechanical recycling. “We fully commit to the development of a cradle-to-cradle recycling”, says Jan Sallawitz. They take back all their protection wear at the end of their product life and recycle it.

Retailer Support.

Education is the focus of marketing efforts in this category. Retailers get training about how the products work and how to communicate it to the consumer. Consumers get educated through in-store POS and digital content. Xion PG provides mannequins to display their protection gear. Evoc has a modular, individually customisable display system complemented with a large selection of graphics, pictures and product information. Amplifi and Triple8 also offer POS to help with in-store branding. Another popular form of support is to ease the purchasing process. Evoc and Clover are proud of their B2B ordering system that enables an accessible and effortless purchasing. Evoc also offers a 24/7 access download centre where all digital media assets are available. All brands report timely deliveries and a full stock to keep an uninterrupted supply. Retailers can look forward to welcoming protection seeking customers.

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