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Mike Vavak Joins Martha Headwear As Sales Manager

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Martha Headwear, Featured in Forbes, Appoints Mike Vavak as Sales Manager

Martha Headwear, the B-Corp brand, was recently spotlighted in Forbes for standing against e-commerce. The article features the business model, its commitment to local shops, and talks deeply about the brand. The company also announces the appointment of Mike Vavak, as the new Sales Manager.

“In an era where e-commerce seems to dominate, there are still those who value and uphold the experience of traditional brick-and-mortar shopping” reports Forbes. Martha’s CEO, Pedro Roisman, explained that the company’s focus on physical stores is a conscious effort to “preserve the integral human element of retail, which we believe cannot be replaced by online transactions.”

As well, the brand is excited to announce Mike Vavak as its new Sales Manager. The founder of Building The Revolution, a thriving community for surf shop supporters, and the creator of Surf Shop Day, an event dedicated to honoring independent board shops worldwide; will bring to Martha key relationships in local surfing culture. He also served as Sales Manager and Brand Director at Body Glove before.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to bring Mike on board, a proven powerhouse in the realm of surf shops and surf culture. His track record of backing industry-specific ventures adds a significant boost to our growth strategy,” commented Pedro Roisman, with noticeable enthusiasm. “With his dedicated focus on initiatives like Surf Shop Day and Building The Revolution, Mike is set to amplify the exposure of Martha’s products while solidifying our ‘support local’ ethos—a strategy we believe will optimize our market positioning and profitability.

“Stepping into this role at Martha is a prospect I’m genuinely excited about,” stated Mike Vavak. “Having spent years championing local surf shops culture just for the pure joy of it, made me ready to channel this passion into a business opportunity. I see a clear path to significant growth, both in driving sales and in strengthening Martha’s reputation as a leader in sustainable retail practices.”

In 2023, Martha observed its sales figures grow three times those of 2022, a powerful testament to the relentless efforts of their sales team. Spurred on by this steady progress and the current momentum, the team is setting its objectives to double these figures once again in the latter half of the year.

About Martha
Martha is a B-Corp Certified headwear and bags brand committed to sustainability and supporting local communities. The brand’s mission is “to empower the vibrancy of retail to benefit and support local shops”.

The brand eschews e-commerce and offers its products exclusively in-store. Every product they create is made from at least 80% recycled materials, making sustainable choices the norm, not the exception.

In the spirit of sustainable commerce, Martha has strategically aligned with industry leaders such as Patagonia and NotCo. These partnerships not only bring about mutual benefits, but also resonate with our collective commitment to environmental preservation, reinforcing the positive impact of collaborative industry efforts.

For sales and account inquiries, Mike Vavak can be contacted at [email protected].

To explore further, visit the brand website at marthaheadwear.com.
To read the full Forbes article, click here.

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