Salomon 2023/24 Snow Helmets Preview

Salomon 2023/24 Snow Helmets Preview

What are the key trends in the snowboarding helmet market?
There is a real awareness of the importance of wearing a helmet, even from snowboarders. Consumers can be considered more and more as specialists, as they know about new products, features and technologies (such as Mips). They are also looking for versatility and cool style in products.

Are your products targeted to specific customers / rider types?
At Salomon, we are committed to meeting the needs of all types of consumers and this is how we build our product lines, so that everyone can find the style, the fit that will suit them.
But for FW23/24, new products are more dedicated to freestylers.

What were your biggest sellers in 2022/23 and why?
There has been increasing interest around our Husk model, a free oriented helmet, packed with technology and relevant features.
Brigade helmet is also still one of our best sellers. That’s why we decided to renew it for next season.
Finally, talking more about on-piste, the launch of our new-for-FW22 Driver helmet was a real success. Thanks to its progressive design and its flawless visor integration, this product reinvented the visor helmet segment convincing a wide scope of consumers.

How are you segmenting your 2023/24 snow helmets and where do you expect the biggest growth?
Salomon’s helmets range is divided in five segments, corresponding to the different types of practice:
• Freeski/Snowboarding
• Touring
• All-Terrain Resort
• Junior
• Racing
In each of these segments, a Good/Better/Best classification is also applied and de-fined according to the technology toolbox used. This allows us to offer different price levels and thus meet the expectations of the greatest number of consumers.

Do you have any innovations in terms of design or materials for 2023/24?
We are continuing our eco-friendly approach by ensuring that we integrate liners made of recycled fabrics in all our new products for FW23.

What colours and designs are you featuring in your 2023/24 collection? Any standout collaborations?
For 2023/24 collection, we completely revise our color strategy, bringing more versatile and unisex colorways in order to offer more consistency between the different models. This work was also done on the goggles to ensure a transversality between our products.
Also, with this aim of targeting the freeski community, we combined Salomon’s know-how with Nico Vuignier’s influence and creativity to develop a capsule collection with two pairs of goggles, one helmet (Brigade Mips) and a pair of poles, all with an organic and uneven design to give a root effect and fit with Nico’s unique universe.
The children’s offer has also been completely renewed. Junior colors are more inspired by what has been done on the adult products, while a real design and color identity has been worked on for the kids, to ensure maximum visibility on the slopes.

Are you implementing sustainability in your products and production processes?
Definitely. On the helmets side, and since FW21 already, all our packaging has been reviewed with a more eco-responsible approach. Boxes, user manuals and hangtags are now made of FSC certified paper and we removed all the polybags as per our “no more plastic” objective.
On the product side, most of our helmets carry liners made of recycled fabrics or meri-no. Our MTN helmet, dedicated to touring, is made from 70% of recycled materials.
Sustainability also means offering products that last longer. That is why we offer a wide range of spare parts so that we can repair our products as much as possible instead of replacing them. Also, in all our developments, we strive to increase the service life of our products.

Are you offering any accessories to your helmets?
Yes, we offer spare lenses for visor helmets as well as chinguards for slalom helmets.

What are your marketing stories for 2023/24?
Our main marketing objectives for this new season are to be the brand of choice for the core community and address younger consumers. Our speech will therefore focus on the new Brigade franchise, which perfectly meets the expectations of this target. We want to be part of their own approach of sport which is to see skiing or snowboarding as a great way to show their own personality and style.
A special focus will also be made on the Nico Vuignier capsule collection with specific social media activations.

How are you supporting retailers to sell this category?
We offer a full range of PoP materials highlighting Salomon’s key products and ex-plaining and demonstrating our technologies (Sigma demotool, Custom ID fit demo-tool…). Dedicated protective visuals have also been developed for the retailers to be able to create a real universe around our products in shops.

Best Sellers

Brigade Mips:


Brigade Mips

Stylish yet technical, Salomon’s Brigade helmet merges a street-style look with the high-safety standards you need on the mountain. Packing EPS4D and MIPS into a minimal, sleek shell, it features an integrated goggle retainer and removable liner which make it easy to switch your style up and just wear a beanie and goggle strap beneath the shell.

Husk Prime Mips:


Husk Prime Mips

Designed for outdoor enthusiasts always eager to find new ways for pushing their limits, Salomon’s HUSK PRIME MIPS is a minimalist helmet with a sharp design that perfectly integrates top-of-the-line safety and ventilation technologies. Push that gas pedal, enjoy ultimate protection with a cool helmet that makes you stand out on any mountain.

Driver Prime Sigma Photo Mips Plus:


Driver Prime Sigma Photo Mips Plus

The comfort and vision of a visor, good looking like a pair of goggles.
Salomon’s Driver Prime Sigma Photo Mips blurs the lines between visor helmets and standard helmet-goggles sets. The flawlessly integrated Sigma Photochromic magnetic visor (delivered with a spare lens) offers amplified color contrast in all weather, while the premium fit and safety features will keep you comfortable and safe all day.

115 Xion protection


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