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Amplid Snowboards Collabs With U.S. Artist Dr. Wolfenbergen On Limited Collection

Pictured above: Peter Bauer, captured by @mediaproductionbk

Press release:
Amplid has announced a unique collaboration with US-based artist Justin Moll a.k.a Dr. Wolfenbergen. The collab sees Amplid’s Singular and Singular Twin models adorned with the artist’s Lo-Fi and rough aesthetic style work and we think they look rad. This fruitful dialogue arises from the collision of thesis and antithesis. There is no “out there” without a centre. No hard shell without a soft heart. There is no sound without silence, no black without white. And there is no snow without water.

Justin Moll, is a designer and illustrator hailing from greater Philadelphia. Justin creates low-fidelity artwork imbuing a quirky, misanthropic aesthetic that draws influence from historic advertising art, traditional tattoo flash, badly drawn skulls, terrible typography, and photocopiers. His work has been recognized by the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), The One Show, Graphis, Communication Arts, and more.
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Guys – Why do you think Amplid and Dr. Wolfenbergen are a good fit?
JM: We are opposites in a way. Amplid makes a refined, beautifully designed and thoughtfully engineered product. I draw stuff that looks more at home in the trash than in a gallery. So, when Peter reached out, I was surprised. But just like a gallery wall can make art look precious — I feel like the way we are displaying the work on these elegant boards allows my art to look rad.

PB: I can’t agree more, very often it’s a real positive energy opposing forces emit, when they collide. The rough drawing style and the harsh message of Justin’s artwork on our clean boards just merge perfectly into something new.

Peter – Which brands did you do collabs with so far?
PB: We really stayed away from any kind of collabs so far, I think this was simply because we were so busy in our heads with tech stuff. Obviously, we spend a lot of energy into our graphics, but most of the artwork is done inhouse by our graphic designer Michi Hanauer.

Amplid Singular DWE


What about you, Justin?
JM: I’ve been fortunate to have worked with some really epic brands like Ernie Ball and Nuclear Blast Records. But this is the first time I did a collaboration with a company in this way — using work I’ve essentially made for me on their product.

Justin – From Peter we know that he’s been living and breathing snowboard culture for the past half century – how would you describe the cultural cluster you’re living in?
JM: I’ve done my time at punk shows and bars and stuff like that. Right now, I’m pretty focused on family and still doing, the day job, so, time is limited. But when I can I love wrenching on old Triumph 650s and vintage American cars. I’m lucky cause my dad taught me a whole lot about building hot rods and stuff like that.

Peter, how come you chose the Singular Series to do the collab with?
PB: Our entire sales team all agreed on this decision: The Singular and the Singular Twin are our most successful snowboards. They won many awards this and last season, so this was the main reason why we decided on doing it with these decks. We also wanted to give the riders out there an alternative choice regarding aesthetics: The in-line Singulars are quite clean and sober, if a rider wants a Singular with a stronger visual message, he’s got that choice now.

Amplid Singular Twin DWE

Singular Twin

How do you see the boardsports culture from your point of view, Justin?
JM: I grew up in the 80s and early 90s so skateboarding culture was huge. I had two major art influences when I was a little dude: Derek Riggs (Iron Maiden covers) and Jim Phillips (Santa Cruz skateboards). Without question I can tell you I suck at skateboarding and can’t snowboard more than 30ft without injury. I’ve never had the coordination. But the artwork has been a huge influence on my life.

These are not just snowboards, with your collab those decks are pieces of art – where do you display them?
JM: I’ve got some skateboards I did art for hangin’ up around the house – mostly around my studio. I’ll place’em right next to those! It will look rad.

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