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Its been a year since we last caught up with Db. So Source took the opportunity to sit down with the team to get an update as they celebrate the launch of their first ever Luggage Line. 

How has Db performed over the last few years?

Really well. We managed to grow through the pandemic and since have doubled the business both in revenue and people. Of course we suffered through some of the supply chain disruption but we are extremely thankful for great vendors and retailers believing in us.


What have been your best two selling products and why?

The Hugger is our best seller. It’s unique, it’s memorable and that’s why it works especially in countries where backpacks are such a part of everyday life.
Then the snowroller is always a staple in the winter and has grown really well the last few years as it’s essentially the origins of the brand.
However the Luggage line has really taken that next position especially in summer as one of our best franchises. With its premium positioning it enabled us to open a lot of new stores especially in department stores like Harrods, Selfridges, Printemp, Moniker along with tier 1 doors like End, Goodhood, Baskets and Merci.


What was the thinking behind the creation of the luggage line?

We have always been about journeys and so this was the logical next step. It all came about when we met Vincent Laine who was the lead designer on the Leica Q1 and Q2 who felt that creatives were underserved. He felt that the cameras they had were amazing, the clothes and shoes they could choose from too but then the luggage was the weak point. Its either rugged like Pelican cases or something very technical and no-one was meeting that need so we gave him the keys and he started working on the front access ramverk pro which has interchangeable inserts with our backpacks but once we saw that we just said we have to take this into a much larger line so made it into a full line which has received 4 design awards including 2 red dots.


Please take us through the luggage line in detail

The collection is built on three pillars: the evolution of Db design DNA, functionality for creative professionals, and translating “confidence” in travel through form and materials.

The design intent is best explained by the chronological design process. It began with the Ramverk Pro Front-access carry-on, designed for pro creatives needing more capacity to fit camera gear. This required attaching two hard shells with an aluminium frame, which then inspired the rest of the collection. The frame provided rigidity and allowed for innovative functional interactions, such as quick access to liquids and laptops without laying down the luggage.

The collection includes two carry-ons, a medium check-in for 1-2 week trips, and a large check-in for 2-3 week trips. Components are exchangeable, with shells made of 70% recycled polycarbonate and fabrics of 100% recycled polyester. The goal was to ensure durability and longevity, emphasizing responsible design.

You launched a skate duffel this year and also debuted an artbag with Olav Stubberud this year. What’s the thinking about entering new markets like this?

Well these are what provide our differentiation in the marketplace to any other bag or luggage brand. Skateboarding is a category entry where we went B2B exclusive on that product with key partners for launch including Arrow and Beast, Slam, My Favorite Things, Wall Street, La Familia and No Comply. Sell-through has been amazing and it really opens new worlds for us and enables us to work with people like Ishod Wair, Beatrice Domond and Sarah Muerle. The Artbag was a special project that Olav was instrumental on. He is such a visionary and had this in mind as a real problem for creatives and so we were able to make a ltd run for artists and photographers including Schoph, Thomas Campbell, Frode Sandbech, David Carson, Hannah Eddy and many more.


How will you be marketing the luggage line?

Well we will be leading with our Summer campaign that we created with Olav, Beatrice, Luis Medearis and Juliette Lacome. That will launch on May 21st as the key luggage story.

From there though we just dropped the first episode of Pack Heavy, Chase Light season 3 with Mia Brookes with episodes every two weeks until the end of the year.

We are also running monthly online workshops called creative exchange each one focused on the needs of young creatives so one was “how to get paid as a freelance creative” and another was focused on responsible travel.


Ah yes we just watched your summer campaign and it’s so good. I think we all recognise the cast of characters in there. How did you come up with this?

Thank you. Yes we wanted to be that as soon as people travel they think of Db and no better way than looking at those people we all see everytime they go through the airport. We also wanted to disrupt the luggage market as it’s fairly stagnant. Everyone usually goes down the route of a big name person, staring at the camera holding luggage. We wanted to do something memorable that harks back to the approach that snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding has always had, doing it our own way.


How will you be helping shops to sell your luggage line?

It all depends on the partner but some like Harrods we work with on in store activations like building igloos, installing electric bikes and cars overloading with luggage whilst others like End we work more on together online to support sell through.

Any special plans for the May Launch?

We had a launch party on May 21st in Stockholm where we celebrated the summer campaign at Downtown Camper before we headed to host events in Amsterdam and London.

Watch the Summer Campaign here



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