Sunscreen 2024 Retail Buyer’s Guide

In case you’re wondering about colourful faces in the oceans and on the mountains this year, our latest Retail Buyer’s Guide on Sunscreen might offer some insights! Diversity is all the rage these days in this product segment, as Anna Langer reports.


As you may have guessed from the intro of this article, colouring is the big news in Sunscreen for 2024. Greenbush have introduced blue and pink SPF 50+ sticks that are certified “Bio Cosmos” by the Ecocertstandard: “These colour sticks are a breakthrough in sun protection, as they not only offer superior SPF 50+ protection but are also formulated with 100% natural pigments, allowing us to achieve vibrant colours without compromising on organic integrity,” explains Margaux Menon, Communications Officer. Newcomer brand TIZA offer cream sticks in white, blue and violet; “colours that make it more attractive to use, especially by the youngest of the family. Our creams are suitable for sensitive skin, as well as paediatric use from 3 months of age (although dermatologists do not recommend sun exposure for babies under 6 months of age). Suntribe have also added a new colour to their portfolio, now supplying 5 different natural zinc colours in 3 different packaging’s. But, if you’d rather not have any colour on your face, you’re covered in 2024 with Himaya’s Nature SPF 50 stick, which doesn’t leave a white residue and isn’t nano.

With their ethos of making it as easy as possible to use sunscreen, Sun Bum showcase a SPF 50 face mist as the “pentacle of our new innovation. It’s meant to be used every day as part of your morning routine and it’s super sheer and lightweight.” SeventyOne Percent have introduced a technical innovation in Europe: the ROKA SMART UV® molecule that is activated by natural light and adapts to your UVA protection needs for 8 hours.

Other areas of innovation include after sun products. SWOX have expanded their product range to include skin care and regenerative after sun products using hemp seed oil and organic aloe vera to offer deep nourishment and antioxidant protection that perfectly complements sun protection. And SeventyOne Percent offer a new protective hair oil that has been asked for by their customers for years and which they are now delivering in a technical and sensorial solution, including a major innovation with their UV protective oil that adapts to all hair types, including coloured hair.


There is also quite a bit of movement when it comes to packaging. Purposely designed small enough to fit in your board shorts or jacket, Sun Bums products come without any sharp corners to land on. It’s On zinc offer a new 10g can of their natural zinc sun protection and skin care (in addition to the already existing 30g and 50g can). “This mini size comes with a small price and is for that reason very interesting for beginners and water sport tourists that don’t use it on a daily base for the entire season,” says Michael ‘Mitch’ Lippstreu, Marketing & Sales. “I want to highlight the consequent avoidance of plastic. It’s On comes in an aluminium screw can with paper labels. The can, can be cleaned and used to e.g. store jewellery in it once it’s empty.” he adds. TIZA also use 100% paper and 0% plastic, while Greenbush strive to use recyclable or biodegradable packaging materials whenever possible to reduce waste and minimize our environmental footprint and Nuura implement cardboard, aluminium and” I’m green-bioplastic” which is made of renewable organic sugarcane.

Himaya emphasize the lack of tubes in their offering. “Approximately 98% of all tubes worldwide end up in landfills or are incinerated. Contaminated tubes are too expensive to recycle, even if they are made of so-called bioplastic, which is derived from ethanol produced by the biofuel industry using maize. However, this is not truly sustainable in the long term or when scaled up. That is why Himaya is also exploring alternative raw materials for packaging”, next to refillable options they have offered for the past 10 years, explains Founder Stuart Knowles.


The issue of eco-friendliness in the product, its manufacturing as well as consumption, has been a highly relevant topic for sunscreen for many years now and has not shed an ounce of importance, if anything it gains in momentum in discussions.

Himaya has always prioritized high SPF protection with mineral filters since 2002, says Knowles. “We carefully consider not only what to include, but also what to exclude. We do not use nano ingredients, palm oils, nut oils, parfums, beeswax, lanolin, and other similar substances. These are commonly found in many natural lotions as they are easier and cheaper to formulate with. However, most of these ingredients can have negative effects on the environment, cause skin reactions, or are not sustainable.” It’s On argue that “the question what we’re not using seems at least equally important. We’re not using titanium dioxide as additional UV-filter and that is important to us since there are studies that classify titanium dioxide as hazardous to the health. It’s not just about the application for the end user, but also about the manufacturing. In particular, inhalation is considered carcinogenic and is therefore highly problematic,” says Mitch. They do use Lanolin and Kaolin as they are “making a real difference when it comes to the skin caring properties of It’s On zinc.”

Island Tribe state that all their products are vegan, free of animal testing and contain no perfume, parabens or oxybenzone and Suntribe formulate their zinc range with 4 natural ingredients (Coconut oil, bee’s wax, zinc oxide, and the natural colouring).

Greenbush incorporate a variety of natural oils and plant extracts, including coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, aloe vera, macadamia oil and almond oil while Nuura highlight that all their natural ingredients comefrom organic farming: Shea butter, Carnauba wax and Sunflower oil, Aloe vera, strawberry seed oil andGinkgo biloba Leaf Extract. Both brands are certified by ECOCERT (COSMOS ORGANIC) and TIZA uses 100% natural ingredients, manufactured in the demanding laboratories of Natural Cosmetics and certified in BIO and NAT by ACENE.

Swox add, that on top of their focus on sustainability in regard to packaging and ingredients, they also source their products locally here in Europe, in order to avoid long supply chains. And Island Tribe ship their products with net zero CO₂ emissions, door to door,


With brands thankfully now all caring about the environment as well as consumer health, the latter has become more interested in what additional benefits a certain product has to offer.

Hydration and Anti-Aging can be a helpful selling point, which Greenbush address with moisturizing ingredients such as botanical extracts, and natural oils that help prevent signs of premature aging such as wrinkles and age spots. Nuura’s formulas are enriched with a good amount of active ingredients that provide a good dose of skin care, such as vitamin F and vitamin E, that offer additional sun protection while also having an antioxidant effect and helps to regenerate the skin, like Shea butter, Carnauba wax, Sunflower oil, and Aloe vera, which all come from organic farming, offering an anti-inflammatory, hydrating and protective effect. It’s On zinc highlight skin caring and wound healing properties, and also Sun Bum add aloe vera, witch hazel, and Vitamin E help to reduce inflammation and heal your skin.

TIZA work with Karité Natural butter and olive oil to provide the skin with protection, softness, antioxidants, conditioning, nutrition, hydration and repair damage and irritation. Suntribe Founder Karl Roosstates that “all our products have hydrating capabilities, and our more cosmetically focused products are focused on more advanced skin care such as anti-aging. Another great benefit of Suntribe zinc products is the value, our sticks & tins in general have about twice the size of the competitors for the same price point.”


While every brand is naturally and obviously convinced of their product, their answers to our question of “why should retailers stock your products” can be very valuable if you’re looking to switch or enhance your portfolio, as it indirectly or directly shows their ethos and what best aligns with your own shop’s values.

Swox advertise their international community of action sports athletes and skin care experts, such as model and surfer Charlotte van Berkum, pro-surfer Jordy Smith or Marlon Lipke amongst many others.

Suntribe claim the most comprehensive range of sport focused sunscreen and zinc products: with our range of zinc sun sticks, larger zinc tins, mini-tins, and high-performance SPF 50 liquid formulas, we supply both the PoS and the variety to attract anything from hardcore surf teachers to 1 week holiday makers. Arguing that “when push comes to shove, the price is one of the major selling factors”, It’s On introduced their new smaller 10g can, allowing retailers to offer high quality sun protection in a plastic free packaging on a small budget. For Island Tribe it’s important to mention the attractive margins, next to their broad spectrum of products.

Nuura argue that their brand connects perfectly with surfers, snowboarders and outdoor sports lovers, for its origin, values and philosophy, “ONE BODY, ONE PLANET, ONE WAY” while also offering the highest sun protection.

Greenbush highlight brand recognition and high-quality products: Our brand and products have earned a solid reputation for quality, efficiency, and reliability. With over 15 years of research, SeventyOne Percent have established an expertise that continues without compromising their values: efficacy, sustainability and sensoriality. Veterans Himaya find that by acquainting customers with Himaya, retailers are not only expressing their concern for providing the finest product, but also for the environment in which the product will be utilized. On the other end of the spectrum, you find a start-up with values as well as cutting edge techniques in TIZA, that is committed to providing modern and natural cosmetics.

And last but not least, Sun Bum say they “spend a lot of time and effort trying to help keep specialty retail unique. Many of the products we make can only be bought in this channel, and we’re constantly coming up with ways to drive traffic to these stores. If it wasn’t for these shops taking a chance on us in the beginning, I know for certain we wouldn’t be here today,” says Dustin Smith, International Market Development & Training Manager.

From our personal point of view, all of these brands and their products are legit so in this day and age it will come down to who you align with most, what complements your current stock, and which will fit your customers best, for which of the above listed key factors (which are by no means extensive) might give you some hints.

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