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SIC MAUI SUP 2024 Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  2024 SUP Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  SIC
Interviewee: Casi Rynkowski – Brand manager

Carry-overs were the go-to choice in 2023 to help clear the retailers’ and distributors’ existing inventories. Did the strategy pay off?
Overall, the carry-over strategy of 2023 has effectively aided in balancing inventory. However, there is still more work to be done. Brands must focus on new marketing, shifting price strategies, and product innovation to bring back consumers to continue their watersports journey.

When do you think supply and demand will balance out, and why?
Supply and demand balancing is hard to predict in the best of times. Over the last five years, with the world economy and political atmosphere always quickly changing, that job has become even more challenging. However, SIC Maui remains committed to proactive measures such as product innovation, new marketing efforts, and supply chain management to meet the needs of our retail partners and customers alike.

What is your product strategy for next season? Bold and fresh or a more cautious approach?
Our continued drive toward innovation will ensure that SIC Maui maintains its competitive edge in the coming year. We focus on innovation and fresh new looks for our performance categories while our tried-and-true recreational products will hold steady. New performance paddleboards like the RST all-water dugout race board have created a buzz in the racing community as early race results signaled this board is a game-changer. Additionally, we are reintroducing the award-winning RS raceboard in the durable, affordable Dragon Fly construction. The new construction opens SIC race gear to the recreational race community and those who want a performance touring board option without the high-end price tag. Our surf lineup boasts some exciting changes as well. The NEW Hyper Fly performance surf category features new timeless graphics constructed in traditional EPS glass epoxy with a wood stringer. The new construction offers more flex and snap to these tried-and-true classic shapes. Lastly and most importantly, SIC continues to advance our eco-friendly focus by launching the NEW Phantom foam surfboard – a 100% recyclable surfboard that will change your mind about foam boards. Made with our new Skin Tec Technology, the Phantom is a recyclable high-density cellular foam construction paired with featuring our award-winning Stellar fins that are derived from post-consumer recycled fishing nets.

Which inflatable models are you pushing in 2024? Is there anything new to report on the technology/material front?
SIC is stepping back and redefining its inflatable products in an oversaturated market and introducing the RST AIR Fusion Lite Welded Technology. Fusion Lite Welded is a lightweight construction with woven drop stitch material and welded seams, providing a lasting airtight seal without the risk of glue weakening and adding stiffness. Additionally, the RST Air has a new narrower shape and nose, providing better glide and speed.

(hardboard brands only) How important is the hardboard category for your business? Which boards are still relevant in 2024?
The hardboard category remains fundamental to our business at SIC Maui, especially in the performance arena. Our hardboards provide progression for enthusiasts who ultimately help grow our watersports communities. Boards like the Bullet, which carry our downwinding DNA, and the Okeanos gear hauler remain our adventure specialists and top sellers. The iconic RS Shape in affordable Dragon Fly construction offers a new option for entry-level racing and performance touring. While our tried-and-true Tao Fit and Tao Surf classic are versatile for beginners, explore various activities on the water.

How are you supporting retailers through this challenging period?
SIC is launching a fresh new marketing look for 2024, with new videos, ads, and social media campaigns bound to drive customers to stores. SIC is committed to growing paddle sports with grassroots-style campaigns, creating a more personal connection to why consumers should continue their watersports journey.

Key Products:

The NEW All-water Rocket Ship Turbo (RST) raceboard has a dugout cockpit and is made with lightweight Super Fly molded Carbon sandwich construction. Its exceptional rough water agility in chop and heavy swell does not compromise its excellent glide in the flats.

RST 14


RS (DF):
The new RS all-water has a  recessed deck and is made with Dragon Fly molded wood sandwich construction. It has the same high-performance features found in the award-winning RS.  It is a great entry-level raceboard and the perfect performance touring option for those looking to go the distance in ocean conditions.

109644_11 RS DF


The Okeanos is a fitness and touring board that has won awards such as the SUPConnect “Best Touring Board” and “Best Overall Board”. The board has been outfitted with numerous tie-downs to mount your cargo. It is super stable rail-to-rail making this a great board to fish off and load with gear for any adventure.

108914 Okeanos Expedition

Okeanos Expedition

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