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The Longboard Embassy is the key meeting point for the longboard scene at ISPO MUNICH. More than 100 Brands will be exhibiting there, an increase of 20% over last year and certainly Europes biggest ever collection of longboard brands at one single event.

Team riders from all over the world will have the opportunity to ride the Pumptrack, this is a modular track system that is bolted together to create a challenging curcuit and will be the focal point of the Longboard Embassy activities.

img_4412.jpgFollowing on from last year's stunning skate wheel artwork that greeted you as you entered the Embassy will be another piece of skate art “the Board wall” built from hundreds of decks this time around.

Gordon Timpen the infamous German photographer will have a photo booth and take pictures of visitors and the important people from the longboard community.

Soneart.de together with 7Sekunden’s visual Marketing Divison, will build the chill out zone and bar with furniture built from old skateboards. The longboard community will choose their favourite brands via a readers choice award from 40inch Magazine - the German longboard consumer magazine. So come join in the fun but don't forget the business!

For more information contact Alex Lenz on info@longboardmagazin.de

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