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In order to support the German market most efficiently, Ride Snowboards, Line Skis and Full Tilt Boots strengthen their sales team.

cache_d0cabff3af31296e628caca1adfce3c4_c3bc62d302967ad711c732f5cf3c7a1e_7.jpgStarting November 1st 2012 the “Sport&Mode Agentur Sven Waurick” will take over all sales activities for eastern and northern Germany. Furthermore Siamak Djafarzadeh, who so far was responsible for parts of Hessen and Nordrhein-Westfalen, will take care of the whole region beginning November 1st.
With the “Sport&Mode Agentur Sven Waurick” Ride, Line and Full Tilt take a competent team on board. Sven Waurick, head of sales,  and Sascha Beier, who will be responsible for the three brands, have years of experience in the ski and snowboard scene – they also represent K2 snowboards, ski and skates.

cache_d94eec39aeeb335524c981ec012f6455_c3bc62d302967ad711c732f5cf3c7a1e_8.jpgSascha Beier will be in charge of selling hardware and apparel in the east of Germany, Niedersachsen, Schleswig-Holstein, Bremen und Hamburg. He will focus mainly on the traditional sports trade. The goal is to increase the presence in the market for all three brands as well as to acquire new customers.
cache_958bf9f23efb8f651bf795415e0e6d6f_c3bc62d302967ad711c732f5cf3c7a1e_9.jpgAdditionally, there will be changes in the sales team of Hessen and NRW: Siamak Djafarzadeh, who so far was responsible for parts of the region will take over the whole territory as of November 1st.cache_70bc06c34c34b49cf970786c8a74ef28_c3bc62d302967ad711c732f5cf3c7a1e_6.jpg