Pirate Movie Productions DRIVEN: London Premiere Gallery

SOURCE headed down to the global premiere of Pirate Movie Production’s 3 year film project, DRIVEN on Thursday November 25th. Featuring John Jackson, Gigi Rüf, Manuel Diaz & Victor Daviet the movie follows the four across America, Austria, Canada, Japan and Kamchatka. The DRIVEN crew spent one month in each location to maximise potential, while minimising their carbon footprint and the film delivered high stacks of impressive snowboarding, captured in classic Pirate fashion with cutting edge techniques.

Earlier in the week, Marko Grilc sadly passed away. To mark Grilo’s life, his movie part from PMP’s ‘Overseas’ was played before the movie and everyone raised a glass in his memory. Many were still shell-shocked by the news, but watching a snowboard movie with friends definitely felt like the right thing to do.

Gigi & Victor were in attendance and answered a Q&A after the film and it was great to see the British snowboarding community all back together again after a 2 year of event hiatus.

All imagery by Tom Greenhill.




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