Cool Shoes Hanging Shoes 2024 Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Hanging Shoes 2024 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  Cool Shoe Corp.
Interviewee: Stephane Weinhold – International Sales

How was 2023 for the hanging shoes market?
2023 was a mix bag of highs and lows mainly due to erratic weather across Europe (great spring/poor summer) but remained fairly stable in the end.

What are the current trends in hanging shoes?
Defenetely moving away from the flimsy rubber Brazilian style (both in mens and womens) and moving towards a more structured sandal (footbed , arch cushions , etc….). We are also seing a lot of interest for new materials (phylon soles , cushiony foams , …) that provide a “home” style of confort. Last but not least , a strong interest for more lifestyle sandals in cork and/or moving away from 3-point sandals to slide upper straps.

What new styles and shapes are you offering in 2024?
GOKU is a molded footbed with textured sole for active usage. BYRON is a more sustainable sandal with coton sole and straps. For women SPONGE and SOFIA with fabric straps.

What colours and prints are you offering in 2024?
Color palet is mainly tonal earth colours but both in mens and womens we are playing with a number of floral prints to light up the line.

Anything new in terms of sustainability?
We are working for 2025 on a new protective bag made of paper fiber to eliminate plastic of our packaging.

Please tell us about your key marketing stories for hanging shoes for 2024?
Sandals are a symbol of freedm and we will portray our COOL people (ambassadors) living their lives in the sun.

Key Products:

  • ORIGINAL WOOD = The 4×4 of the beach. Wide , thick and with a rocking char shape , this sandal will take you anywhere while protecting your feet.



  • SIN OLIVE = Our best selling product. Arch cushion for confort and no fuss.This is the best price/quality on the market.



  • SKIP NAVY = Walking on clouds. Soft foam of sole gives you the perfect cushioning for your feet.



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