Mens Underwear 2024 Retail Buyer’s Guide

Fabric innovation pushes growth in men’s underwear. Customers seek pieces that are functional and eco-responsible and will reward brands that deliver. By Rocio Enriquez.

2023 was a dynamic year for the men’s underwear market, with many brands reporting growth. Innovative fabrics have met the demands of consumers for functionality and sustainability. Aligning designs with fashion trends has sealed the deal. These demands will remain steady in 2024. Consumers will be scanning tags for eco-friendly materials. They will also prioritise functional designs that remain comfortable during sports. Features such as moisture-wicking, cooling, or the possibility to wear it under your wetsuit as well as underneath your trousers are welcome. It is in their most functional products that brands expect their biggest growth.

2024 Collections

Most brands offer a choice of boxer shorts, boxer briefs, trunks or briefs. There are added length extensions such as Saxx’s Long Leg, Wave Hawaii’s mid-length boxers, and Moskova’s long version of their boxer brief. It is the technology used that sets them apart, along with their choice of material. Bn3th relies on their patented Original 3D Pouch TechnologyTM for comfort. Saxx couples their BallPark PouchTM with new Stop Drop Technology that keeps the skin dry after an impromptu wee. They also have kept their DropTempTM active evaporate cooling technology, applied to different fabrics, such as mesh or cotton jersey. Stance offers maximum support in their briefs with their patented WholesterTM technology. They enhance functionality with Feather-SeamTM construction and performance mesh. Wave Hawaii offers AirLite products that enable multi-functioning, thoughtful construction securing comfort in any conditions. Moskova’s M2 style is built for performance, with multi-panel construction and a non-weaving elastic band. American Socks features a premium Soft-Touch band and flatlock stitching. Saxx uses a 4-way knit construction. Supernatural introduces the BASE+ constructions for very cold days.

Brands are striving to find the most sustainable fabric options that will still enable these technologies and constructions. Supernatural uses a blend of Merino wool and synthetic fibres. Moskova presents their M2 style in cotton for a natural feel, and polyamide for users who need more support. American Socks crafts their underwear from a comfortable blend of cotton and elastane. Bn3th focuses on sustainable materials, such as Tencel, recycled polyester and US grown cotton. Wave Hawaii uses a special perforated recycled polyester for their AirLite range. They also offer other styles in bamboo. “Viscose made from bamboo is ideal for people with very sensitive skin”, says CEO Carsten Raphael. Saxx offers different fabrics for different purposes, mainly combining cotton or polyester with Spandex. Some fabrics include Modal, and some polyester content is recycled. They also offer some products made with Vibe XTra EcoVero viscose jersey. Stance offers a combined cotton option, a nylon one for performance, and their patented ButterBlendTM for superior softness. They also apply their proprietary anti-microbial treatment, “FreshTekTM that helps wick away moisture while eliminating odour-causing bacteria to keep you feeling fresh, dry and comfortable, says Stance’s Nathan Hill.

Graphics dominate the looks, some developed in-house and others in collaboration with artists. American Socks draws inspiration from street art and urban culture. Wave Hawaii’s theme is centred around surf, beach, and van life. Bn3th offers a rendition of each of these themes, the Pineapple Fade print, and a classic Bandana print. Supernatural has developed the Flear Bear which features a ski jumping bear. There are many collaborations across the board. PSD offers many brand collaborations and influencer signature models. “We are particularly excited about our Playboy x PSD collection and our A-level athlete collabs,” says Senior Director of International Sales, Tom Helleberg.

American Socks partners with Joel Abad and Stinky Surfer. Bn3th offers a limited capsule collection developed with Madsteez, featuring the artist’s unique handwritten type. Saxx has collaborated with Erik Abel, whose art is inspired by his love of the ocean, surfing, and travel. “Erik’s work articulates the spirit of the water and awe of nature, says Sales Agent & Brand Consultant Darren Wilcox. Moskova is running three collaborations, with Japanese fashion magazine Leon, Keep a Breast Europe, and Bugarski surfboards.


Efforts towards sustainability extend beyond fabrics. Longevity is a key factor. American Socks, Bn3th, and Saxx conduct wear and tear tests for quality. Supernatural adds the versatile and timeless characteristics of their underwear, that encourage consumers to keep it for longer. Brands also consider the carbon footprint and labour conditions of their production.

Retailer Support

POS furniture is an important element of in-store marketing for this product category. Wave Hawaii has a compact, rotating counter display and a cool surfboard as a floor stand. American Socks includes boxer hangers in their shipments, so customers can feel the product before purchase. Supernatural has special POS furniture that makes it easy to present and replace the underwear. Saxx and Bn3th also offer displays to highlight their products. PSD has partnered with Footasylum to launch their retail presence in the UK. In-store marketing is supported by digital assets and online promotional campaigns to increase brand visibility.

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