Ryan Longboards s/s 2023 Longboards Preview

Rayne Longboards S/S 2023 Longboards Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Longboards S/S 2023 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  Rayne
Interviewee: Marin McGinnis, Sales

Are overstocking issues still affecting sales?
Longboard sales were definitely affected by an overstock of street skate stock globally in 2022. The overstock of street skate stock seems to be approaching a healthier level, which should in turn mean better open to buy budgets in 2023.

What are your collection themes for SS23 and what stories are you most proud of?
Heritage Collection – We are re-releasing fan favorite graphics from previous years.

What shapes and board sizes are currently trending?
What new technology ( if any) will you be introducing for this season? – We have a (relatively) new Tamale Technology that marries the classic and economical hard rock maple construction with the signature Rayne tattooed graphics.  The High Pressure Laminate skins wrap the deck like a hot tamale and keep it stiff and protected from the elements.  Watch this space to expand to new models!

Is sustainability a focus for this year? If so, how?
What are the Longboard must-haves for retailers to get in the coming year? Drop through and double drop boards have continued to see consistent demand. Versatility for users from entry level to advanced make these style of boards important for retailers; with several different construction options available, store selection can be catered to their specific customer base.

Best Sellers

Demonseed Tamale Tech

Demonseed Tamale Tech

Flight Heritage Series

Flight Heritage Series

Future Killer

Future Killer

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