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Colourwear Mens Outerwear 2024/25 Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Mens Outerwear FW24/25 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  Colour Wear
Interviewee: Finn Schottenius

What is the overall theme behind your 2024/25 outerwear range? From which big trends do you take your inspiration?
The overall theme of the autumn/winter collection 2024/25 is “Throwing it back, Flippin´it forward” the theme follows our updated visual strategy of throwing the brand back to the DNA when the brand was established, but we flippinít forward when it comes to design, fabric and updated details. We find our inspiration from the 90´s snowboard scene, the grounge music and the close up pictures, We are inspired by the crew and to do things with friends and enjoy epic moments.

What new fits / silhouettes are coming out in 2024/25? What pant and jacket styles are most important in your range?
We really like Anoraks and a bit over sized silhouette. Either in a combination of bibs or with cuff ended pants. But news for the 2024/25 season is BOX Jacket and Box Pant oversized light padded jacket and pants where we have a stiffer fabric how gives right feeling to the product. You can either wear the pants as they are or tighten them up in the leg ending, like a cuff. This product has already been a one of the favorites from our athletes. But you will also see a wider range of streetwear and accessories. For 24/25 will we also bring back Youth assortment to the collection.



What new colours / prints are you introducing?
We are made of colours and love too both to mix and match them but also go in one solid look. For the autumn winter 2024. Do we introduce a dark map printing and a water camo print how will easily be matching together with solid and printed colours.  I general we see a little bit more muted colour pallet for men.

Any *NEW* technical stories with regards to fabrics and materials?
The most importance are that we constantly develop ourselves to reduce the impact of the environment in our garments and production. The big news for 2024/25 is even more recyclable polyester fabrics and sustainable sourced cotton. We tried to do our best to lower the impact of the environment even if we know that we still make and produce things, but we encourage to buy less and ride more.



Any trends that your brand is moving away from?
The collection sticks to what we believe in, and we don’t just do things. We are a crew-driven adventure brand, rooted in the boards lifestyle. And we made things for that type of activities not more and not less.

What are your top marketing stories for 2024/25? (This will help us to put some focus in the right place.)
General marketing story for Colourwear is too not take ourselves to serious.. don’t talk so much about pockets and technical features and have a bit of humour into what we do. For 24/25 will we encourage even more to buy less and ride more and we use the wording of Get out there with your Crew. We believe that the most epic times come from being with your people and experiencing the very best nature has to offer. Whether it’s at the top of the park, sending it down a tree line on a powder day or riding in spring slush. That is what you will see from us in 24/25 season.



Key products

Box jacket and Box Pants:
This Jacket and Pants are new for the 24/25 season. We call them Box jacket and box pants due how they are fitted. They are oversized they are boxy and they are sized from XXS to XXL in two solid colours and one dark map printing. Both jacket and pants are light padded with adjustable strings in the leg ending. This is the Riders choice for 24/25

Slash Bib:
Spend the day in deep powder or just looking for a great look? This bibs are loose fitted with big front pockets and oversized suspenders for epic days. We have made this once in oxford fabric do give the look a bit more rustic and durable feeling. Choose between three colourways and wear them under your jacket or over your hood..

Signature Anorak:
With a bold expression, regular to loose fitted anorak with easy step in with full zipper in the side

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