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Hurley Mens Outerwear 2024/25 Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Mens Outerwear FW24/25 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  Hurley
Interviewee: Fernando Rivero. Product Director

What is the overall theme behind your 2024/25 outerwear range? From which big trends do you take your inspiration?
It the first EMEA collection we have for Snow. It had been designed for the European consumer. Our inspiration comes from the idea of “FREE”. Feeling free to use our collection as you wish, when you want where you want. Inspired in the riders they like to feel free in the mountain, with an actual style, nice shapes, pattern, elegant logo applications.

What new fits / silhouettes are coming out in 2024/25? What pant and jacket styles are most important in your range?
All styles are new. We want thar riders feel comfortable, protected and stylish when they try our gear. Our key styles are the Cream Jacket & pant and Deepow Jacket and Pant. We also have our Polartec capsole, where the key style is the Phantom Alpha Polartec Jacket. As an hybrid offer, you can wear in slopes but also in your day a day, we have the Light Element Jacket & the Cayuga Puffer.


What new colours / prints are you introducing?
Our color pallet comes inspired by the natural colors of frozen water, earth, & rocks. Our key colors are “almond Navy/Cargo, Lone Pine, Hickory brown & Roadside. We also have our styles in black colors.

Any *NEW* technical stories with regards to fabrics and materials?
We are using fabrics with from 10 to 15k breathability & waterepelant. Multi direction stretch fabrics. Sealed seems & zippers. Recco technology. Packable jackets. Polartec fabrics.


Any trends that your brand is moving away from?
We don´t move out, but as a brand we don´t fit in traditional alpine ski looks.

What are your top marketing stories for 2024/25? (This will help us to put some focus in the right place.)
If we know how to protect and perform in cold waters (wetsuits) we can protect and perform in the mountain. We want to offer consumer a new collection made bu Hurley. Wear an unexpected brand, fresh style and offer they can wear feeling free in the slopes.


Outerwear Best Sellers/Hero products

Its our key styles I mentioned before:

Cream Jacket & Pant

Deepow Jacket & pant.

Phantom Polartec Jacket

Light Element Jacket

Cayuga Puffer

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