Dakine Snow Helmets 2024/25 Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Snow Helmets FW24/25 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  Dakine
Interviewee: Dakine Marketing

What are the main customers’ demands when buying a snowboarding helmet?
Obviously protection is the most important criteria. Helmets have to be CE certified guanranteeing a good level of protection. The newly launched Dakine Helmet’s line has all the protection certification worldwide. In addition to this tests and certification our Charger model presents the MIPS Brain Protection system: MULTI-DIRECTIONAL IMPACT PROTECTION SYSTEM. It reduces rotational motion to the brain in the event of a crash. The comfort is also super key for an helmet, indeed, as it is worn all day long , it has to be light and smooth to not disturb the consumer while riding. Our helmets features active and passive vents, an adjustable fit system dial, removable ear padding and an open cell foam lining for more comfort It has to be practical and adaptable with the rest of your equipment. Magnetic stap buckle, , Audio compatible system and fitting most of the goggles is a real plus. Last but not least the style and shape of the helmet is also a real important criteria.

Do you target specific customers / rider types?
We mostly target the core riders and week-end chargers. The style of our helmets is definitely positioned feeride/ back country and fresstyle.

What were your biggest sellers in 2023/24 and why?
Helmets is the Dakine new launch for 2024/25, therefore we don’t have sales historic. That said, we have had the demand from our retailers for several seasons now, and we feel the postionning of the brand totally fits this product category. Dakine has always been trusted for protecting riders and their equipment so it totally makes sense.

In which type of helmet do you expect the biggest growth?
Our top of the line Helmet, the Charger presents a very good potential. It has all the technical features a modern helmet should present, it is ecologically build and with a competitive price point.



What are the design and material highlights of your 2024/25 collection?
For 24-25 the big launch will be the helmet segment. We come with 2 styles: Charger and Day Tripper, both made with recycled ABS injection molded hard-shell, recycled EPS Foam Liner and recycled PET webbing. First of all we really pay attention on the efficiency and protection. At Dakine trust and protecting riders have always been part of our DNA. As mentioned above, our Charger Helmet features the MIPS Brain Protection system: MULTI-DIRECTIONAL IMPACT PROTECTION SYSTEM. It reduces rotational motion to the brain in the event of a crash. The exterior is an ABS Injection Molded Hard Shell and the interior and EPS foam liner. For comfort and practicity, we have on all our helmets, Fidlock® magnetic buckles, adjustable fit system dial, 100% Polyester Open Cell Padded Lining, 100% Polyester removable padded ear pads and audio system compatibility.

What colours and designs are you featuring in your 2024/25 collection? Any standout collaborations?
Our Charger model will be available in 3 colorways : Black, Castle Rock (grey) and Burnished Lilac (light pink). Our Day tripper model will be available in 4 colorways :  Black, Castle Rock (grey), Burnished Lilac (light pink), Dark Olive and black with a wild flower print.

Are you implementing sustainability in your products and production processes?
Implementing sustainaibility in every product category is super important at Dakine. So it is with the helmets. They are made of : 30% Recycled ABS Injection Molded Hard Shell , 100% Recycled EPS Foam Liner, 100% Recycled PET Webbing.

Do you offer accessories to your helmets?
Our offer is very large from back packs, to glove to beanies, to snow/ski accessories.  We have nearly everything you need to go and enjoy the mountain.



What are your marketing stories for 2023/24?
This season we will be sponsor of the natural selection which is an amazing platform to promote the trust and the perfomandce we’ve been bringing to the backcountry game for years. B4BC collaboration, is always and important one for us. We’ve been collaborating with the foundation for years and we are really whiling to keep on going as Breat cancer is an important topic for many of us. Team riders signature series are always a big focus for 23/24 we show case : Sam texwood, Sammy Carlson, Jill Perkins, Louif Pardis and Karl Fosedt. For 24/25 Jamie Anderson will have a full collection, Jill Perkins and Karl Fosfvedt will keep develop new signature product while we will introduce a new addition to the program with Kai Jones.

How are you supporting retailers to sell this category?
We try to adapt our support to the retailer’s needs. Every retailer is different depending on location, size, assortment, floor space and displays. That is why it is important to be flexible and try to serve them the best we can. First of all, customer service is key, at Dakine we have always paid a lot of attention to our customer service and have a very competent and dedicated team in place for it. Then, our Marketing team is developing a new standard POS program dedicated to every retailer. For our biggest customers we have our premium dealers’ program, which consist in allocating a special budget to reinvest in custom marketing action for each shop. That can be materialized as events, window displays, shop in shop, digital marketing activation, etc…  We are also implementing the grass roots program which aim is to create a team of local heroes in collaboration with some selected partners. This program will be key in promoting our helmets.

What is your situation regarding stock and deliveries?
As Helmet is a new launch, we don’t have stock inventory for the moment. Regarding the other product categories we managed to reach a descent stock level without discounting unreasonably.



Key products

Charger Helmet Castle Rock

MIPS® Brain Protection System, 30% Recycled ABS Injection Molded Hard Shell, 100% Recycled EPS Foam Liner, 100% Recycled PET Webbing, 100% Polyester Open Cell Padded Lining, Fidlock® Magnetic Strap Buckle, 100% Polyester Removable Padded Ear Pads

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