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Retail Buyers Guide:  Surf Robes and Ponchos 2024 Retail Buyer’s Guide
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Interviewee: Dry Robe marketing

How was the market for Changing Robes and surf ponchos in 2023?
Demand for our changing robes, in particular the long sleeve dryrobe® Advance, has continued to grow and grow. 2023 was an exceptional year for sales. In a world where there are now hundreds of imitators out there, it’s a testament to the quality of our changing robe that customers continue to choose the original.

The element resistant Changing Robe is extremely popular, way beyond the boardsport community.Did you have to address new channels to reach the casual customer? Is it different for Surf Ponchos?
The original dryrobe® was born out of a love for surfing and getting into cold water, and that’s pretty much where our marketing focus has remained since we started. When you create a completely new type of garment though, it’s impossible to know exactly how customers will adopt it! We’ve seen the dryrobe® Advance spread from surfers to triathletes to open-water swimmers to paddleboarders and practically any sport that involves being outside in the cold! Its versatility means that people who buy it for one thing (surfing or swimming, for example) typically end up using it for a multitude of other activities, like camping trips, music festivals and even walking their dogs. We work with ambassadors, influencers, publications, partners and trade accounts in the surf, swim and paddle space. The halo effect from this spreads to other outdoor activities. Over the years, we’ve found that the most effective way to reach the casual customer is the quality of the product itself. The biggest referral of new customers is word of mouth from friends and family who already own a dryrobe® Advance.

Is the term “changing robe” still relevant as many (most ?) of the people use it as a jacket or an additional shell for tough weather?
Definitely. The majority of our online customers indicate to us that they use the product for an activity that requires outdoor changing, with open-water swimming and surfing topping the list. We will always focus on our core market for this and stay true to our brand identity. It is a wonderful compliment though that dryrobe® changing robes are appreciated by such a diverse group of customers, who find them to be versatile enough to be used in such a broad range of sports and activities.



What are the trends within the Surf Poncho category: core riders, kids, women, beachgoers, seasonality?
We are not a trend-led company, our ethos has always been function over fashion. The products we make have been built to last for years, whilst having as little impact on the environment as possible. Our two core changing robe styles, the long and short sleeve dryrobe® Advance, remain as popular as ever. Whilst there is a growing demand from travelling athletes and adventurers (like pro surfers and triathletes) for our ultra-portable, high-performance dryrobe® Lite.

Which price points are best selling for Surf Ponchos and Dry Robes? What are the entry level and high-end rates?
The Towel dryrobe® range starts at £60, followed by the short sleeve dryrobe® Advance at £145, the long sleeve at £165 and the new dryrobe® Lite at £280. The dryrobe® Advance is our biggest seller across all markets and is the original outdoor change robe.

What are the key materials in your line for both product categories?
The dryrobe® Advance is made from 100% recycled fabrics. The unique, super-warm, fast-drying inner is made from recycled polyester, a large part of which comes from plastic bottles. The durable weatherproof outer is made from pre-consumer recycled nylon that would otherwise be destined for landfill – such as old fishing nets, tights and nylon carpets. This is finished with a PFC-free Durable Water-Repellent (DWR). Our towel robes are made from 100% organic cotton, approved by the GRS.



Bonus specs for functionality are much appreciated: what do you offer in this regard?
We continuously improve our products in the background to ensure we provide the best changing robe on the market. The dryrobe® Advance has been designed to ensure it can be used ‘thoughtlessly’ when you are cold, wet and in compromising conditions. The key is that it can be ready to go and be used multiple times throughout the day, over wet kit, without the need for drying between uses. It performs comfortability to 10k waterproofness and it is breathable at 3k. Our quick dry moisture-wicking fleece is key to the comfort of this item. The durability of the product is also important, combined with the recycled fabrics used to make it, this helps to limit the impact on the environment. The Organic towel robe feels great next to the skin, it’s super-soft-to-touch and highly absorbent to get you dry quickly.

Which are your key colors/prints/pattern of 2024?
The most popular colourway of the past year has been the Black Camo dryrobe® Advance with pink lining, the demand has been incredible and that doesn’t seem to be slowing down! This year we have a few new exciting additions to the dryrobe® Advance range, adding pop colours and fun prints to our palette. This is to enhance and celebrate what we are about; being fun and bold. There are also some exciting new products to keep an eye out for.

How are you helping retailers to sell more of your product?
To ensure our retailers are selling more products, we offer a pre-order service throughout the year. This allows our retailers to order 6 months in advance, with the guarantee the stock will be available for their selected delivery month, this is crucial for our customers in Q4 (our busiest time of the year). We also run a B2B site allowing retailers to order at their leisure, which is a great tool to have out of office hours. Retailers also have access to our media bank through the B2B site, allowing them to keep up to date with latest product and lifestyle images. Running pre-orders and the B2B site alongside each other, ensures our retailers are always well stocked helping them to maximise sales. In terms of marketing, this year we’re continuing to sponsor some big international competitions and events, including the Winter Swimming World Championships and ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series. We’re working with some incredible organisations and charities in the UK, EU and US, like The RNLI, Save The Waves and Red Bull. And, we’re driving brand awareness by collaborating with some of the biggest athletes and influencers in the worlds of surf, swim and paddle.



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