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Retail Buyers Guide:  Surf Robes and Ponchos 2024 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  Mellow Sea
Interviewee: Victor Jarrige / E-commerce and Webmarketing Manager

How was the market for Changing Robes and surf ponchos in 2023?
These products had been gaining popularity among surfers, beachgoers, and outdoor enthusiasts in recent years due to their convenience, functionality, and environmentally friendly materials. The market for changing robes and surf ponchos have continued to grow in 2023, driven by factors such as increased interest in outdoor activities, sustainable fashion trends, and the convenience of these products for water sports enthusiasts.

The element resistant Changing Robe is extremely popular, way beyond the boardsport community. Did you have to address new channels to reach the casual customer? Is it different for Surf Ponchos?
It’s true that the uses for this product can be so diverse. In our case, we’re seeing real interest from aquawalking and surf lifesaving clubs. For the moment, we’re addressing our core target. But I wouldn’t be surprised if our dry-stop ponchos could be used anywhere outdoors, even in the mountains. For ponchos, I’d say it’s the same thing, if not more so. Because ponchos are more accessible and can be worn at home, as well as on the beach, without necessarily practicing board sports. Above all, it’s a comfort tool.

Is the term “changing robe” still relevant as many (most?) of the people use it as a jacket or an additional shell for tough weather?
I don’t think this word is relevant anymore for this reason. In my opinion, it’s a poncho, but with more advanced functions and a different use. That’s also why we named our poncho “Dry Stop Poncho”.

What are the trends within the Surf Poncho category: core riders, kids, women, beachgoers, seasonality?
Trends in the surf poncho category:
Core Riders:
Surf ponchos continue to be popular among core riders, who appreciate their functionality and convenience for getting in and out of wetsuits at the beach. These customers often favor features such as quick-drying materials, great coverage, and durability.
There is a growing trend to design surf ponchos specifically for children. These ponchos often feature fun patterns, bright colors, and smaller sizes to meet the needs of younger children. Parents appreciate the practicality of ponchos to keep their children warm and covered after a swimming or surfing session.
Surf ponchos designed for women are becoming increasingly popular, offering slim-fitting cuts and elegant designs that appeal to surfers and beachgoers alike. These ponchos can feature feminine colors and patterns, as well as additional features such as belts or adjustable pockets.
Surf ponchos are not only popular among surfers, but also among general beachgoers looking for comfort and convenience. These customers can use ponchos to dry off after a swim, to lounge on the beach or to stay warm on cooler evenings by the sea.
While surf ponchos are used year-round in some areas where surf conditions are constant, there may be seasonal fluctuations in demand in areas where surfing is more seasonal. For example, sales may peak in the warmer months, when more people spend time at the beach and take part in water sports. Overall, the surf poncho category continues to evolve, focusing on functionality, style and durability to meet the diverse needs of surfers, kids, women, and beachgoers.

Which price points are best selling for Surf Ponchos and Dry Robes? What are the entry level and high-end rates?
The price points for surf ponchos and dry robes can vary depending on factors such as brand reputation, materials used, design features, and target market. However, here’s a general overview of the typical price ranges:

Surf Ponchos:
Entry Level:
Entry-level surf ponchos can range from 30€ to 50€. These may be made from basic materials with fewer features and simpler designs. They often cater to beginners or budget-conscious consumers.
Mid-range surf ponchos typically fall between 50€ and 70€. These ponchos offer a balance of quality, functionality, and affordability. They may feature more durable materials, better construction, and additional design elements.
High-end surf ponchos can range from 70€ to 90€ or more. These ponchos are crafted from premium materials such as organic cotton, bamboo fibers, or high-performance fabrics. They often boast advanced features such as waterproof pockets, integrated hoods, or innovative closure systems. High-end surf ponchos are targeted towards serious surfers or those willing to invest in top-quality gear.

Surf Robes:
Entry Level:
Entry-level dry robes typically start around 100€ and can go up to 150€. These may offer basic features such as water-resistant outer shells, fleece-lined interiors, and adjustable hoods. They are designed to provide warmth and comfort for post-water activities.
Mid-range dry robes usually range from 150€ to 200€. These robes often feature enhanced materials for improved warmth, quick-drying capabilities, and added durability. They may also include thoughtful design elements such as reinforced seams, larger pockets, and easy-access zippers.
High-end dry robes can cost 250€ or more. These robes are crafted with premium materials and advanced technologies to offer superior performance and comfort. They may incorporate specialized insulation layers, advanced moisture-wicking properties, and ergonomic designs for optimal mobility. High-end dry robes are favored by professional athletes, serious water sports enthusiasts, and individuals who prioritize performance and luxury. It’s important to note that prices may vary between brands and retailers, and occasional sales or promotions can also affect pricing.

What are the key materials in your line for both product categories?
Our ponchos are upcycled. We collect unused or abandoned beach towels and give them a second life. Each of our terry towel ponchos is therefore unique and stylish. As for our dry robe, it’s the essential ally for cool-weather sessions. It features a waterproof fabric combined with a fleece lining for optimum warmth. It’s also possible to keep your wetsuit under the poncho, thanks to its removable, easily zipped, waterproof lining. The loose-fitting design makes it easy to change without slipping. A zipped front pocket keeps keys and phone close at hand.

Bonus specs for functionality are much appreciated: what do you offer in this regard?
Removable zippered lining. You can choose between fleece inside or waterproofing. When you get out of the water, it’s very practical, as you avoid getting the fleece wet. And once you’re dry, you can easily remove the lining for direct contact with the softness of the fleece.

Which are your key colors/prints/pattern of 2024?
Our new Dry Robe is rather sober, the technicality of the product being the major point. It features two embroideries with a logo on the heart and one on the back.

How are you helping retailers to sell more of your product?
We make them test the products, call them regularly and visit them whenever we can. Our values of respect for people and proximity are not just for our customers. It also concerns us internally, our suppliers and, of course, our retailers.

Key Products:
Each of our products has an added value in terms of its technical specificities.

Dry Stop Poncho with removable lining:
Our dry robe features a removable inner lining with a fleece surface, making it very practical depending on use.  What’s more, we’re the only ones to offer removable waterproof inside lining, giving our customers an exclusive feature. Today’s users appreciate choice. Positioned in the mid-price range, our product stands out for its quality and durability. Numerous tests have been carried out to guarantee a perfect fit.

Poncho Dry Stop unisexe Mellow Sea – Doublure amovible - Face

Poncho Dry Stop unisexe Mellow Sea – Doublure amovible

Upcycled Poncho made from towels:
Our upcycled poncho made from old beach towels is a way of promoting sustainable fashion and the circular economy. Each model is unique, so no one can copy your style. We offer adult, junior and kids sizes. For us, upcycling is a way of considerably reducing our carbon footprint. Because there’s no production of materials. It’s an approach that’s close to our hearts, and one that we want to democratize even further. We therefore work with a participative and supportive workshop located in the South-West of France, which employs around 80% of people with disabilities. It’s a sincere social and environmental approach that we want to perpetuate by working on other sources of materials.



Poncho in organic cotton:
The Mellow Sea poncho in GOTS-certified organic cotton is the practical, essential accessory for changing discreetly before and after you take to the water. Whether you’re changing, drying off or warming up, putting on your poncho is a special moment. Whether you’re wrapping up your aquatic session or taking a break before getting back in the water, your Mellow Sea poncho is an essential item, thanks in particular to its loose-fitting so you can change without constraint. This poncho was conceived and designed in France by marine enthusiasts and respectfully produced in Portugal.



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