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Retail Buyers Guide:  2024 Surfboards Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  Norden
Interviewee: Marketing

To a certain extent, the surfboard market relies on custom-made products and on demand manufacturing. Does this means the business is relatively spared from the poor sell-out and overstocks reported in other boardsport categories?
Yes that´s an advantage in most categories but there is still a lot of overstock on Softboards and Composize boards made in Asia but it´s slowly moving and will eventually come back to normal.

While the board offer has never been so wide nowadays, which were the top trends of 2023?
I think midlength in all it´s variation was the main trend, hybrid shortboards and longboards, anything that is fun to ride.

There is a noticeable step-back from competitive surfing: did this affect the sales of high-perf models?
We never had HP shortboards in our program and never believed in the market. The masses are not Pro´s.

There is no arguing: twins and midlengths still are crowd favorites. But which will be the trends within those two trends in 2024?
I think this trend will carry on with a lot of varieties, different fin set ups, different bottoms, channels not channels, different constructions, there is endless options.

After the release of the Channel Islands Mid, the launch of the CI Log is a clear indicator of the appetite for classic longboards, outside the perimeter of niche hype brands. How is your longboard game for 2024?
Longboards were always key to our success, since the beginning of our brand. Besides all the trends that come and go, we also continue with making boards that make sense to the consumer. Instead off selling only heavy logs, we still sell a lot allround- and performance longboards which are more suitable to the intermediate surfers, as they need boards that are also easy to ride and they do exactly that.

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