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Retail Buyers Guide:  2024 Surfboards Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  Torq
Interviewee: Sebastian Wenzel / General Manager

To a certain extent, the surfboard market relies on custom-made products and on demand manufacturing. Does this means the business is relatively spared from the poor sell-out and overstocks reported in other boardsport categories?
I think the market got tougher for all of us. But as we are not a custom brand it would be hard for me to comment on this question.

While the board offer has never been so wide nowadays, which were the top trends of 2023?
The surfboard market is very conservative and is not moving so fast, trends stay for a while and do not really change every season….I think the trend for boards that catch waves easy was solid for 2023 and will stay, as this is really what is all about in the end.

There is a noticeable step-back from competitive surfing: did this affect the sales of high-perf models?
Our product range / offering does not focus on the competitive part of surf market, so this did not affect us. We offer boards for everyone from first contact to expert.

There is no arguing: twins and midlengths still are crowd favorites. But which will be the trends within those two trends in 2024?
We feel that boards that catch waves easy will always be a trend….only when you catch waves you actually surf….the more waves you catch, the more fun you have. Bigger or longer boards help catching waves….

After the release of the Channel Islands Mid, the launch of the CI Log is a clear indicator of the appetite for classic longboards, outside the perimeter of niche hype brands. How is your longboard game for 2024?
Our Longboard game has been very solid for a very long time and we offer a wide range of longboards, from our high performance Pro models from Edouard Delpero/Minvielle Surfboards, to everyday allround longboard shapes to classic nose riders….you can find a longboard in our range for any style of longboarding.

There are two main paths when it comes to sustainable surfboards: the eco blanks & resins, or the low-waste vacuum-made EPS boards. What is your take on the matter?
Our philosophy is to make the most durable boards without sacrificing weight or performance. Eco Resins and Blanks are only one component of a sustainable board. The most important is how long the board lasts and can be used. This is our main focus. Along with that we have optimized our production process and setup, to be as efficient and therefore as low waste as possible. This requires quite a bit of upfront investment, but in the long run it pays of on all ends.

Key Products:

Channel Islands M23 in Torq X-Lite construction:
The M23 comes from the storied M13 bloodlines, a favorite hybrid board Al Merrick made for himself and rode variants of for decades from fun Rincon to maxing Sunset. A true high performance hybrid that caters to the widest possible type and size of surfer – and for the widest range of wave conditions.  Not to be confused with the CI Mid, the M23 carries more foam, boasting a fuller rail and sleeker nose outline. It paddles like a champ while still riding more like a shortboard.



Edoaurd Delpero Classic by Minvielle Surfboards:
This board literally walks on water. Better yet, runs on water. We’re talking easy paddling, a fast ride, effortless glide, and lip blasting vertical capabilities, all packed into one board. The Dwart takes the basic elements of a modern fish and fuses them with a few high-performance design techniques to take it to the next level. You want a board that does it all? The Dwart is the best yet.



Torq V+:
The Volume Plus takes the trend for high volume wide boards into the midlength model, creating a board with the stability and paddle ability of a much longer board, but in a compact, easier to turn package. These boards suit all surfers of all abilities, whether looking for a first board or quiver builder for fun days. The high volume makes it super easy to catch waves while the rocker and bottom contours make this lively and agile underfoot with more performance than you would expect from a larger board. Great for beginners, great for bigger surfers wanting a shorter board.  Available in ACT, TEC and TET construction



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