Patagonia S/S 2024 WETSUITS Preview

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Interviewee: Gabriel Davies – Ocean Marketing Manager EMEA


We remain 100% neoprene free across our entire line of wetsuits. Neoprene, the commercial name for chloroprene, is becoming known for being a toxic product in terms of it’s environmental and human impact. Neoprene is no longer required to use this product for performance reasons. Common sense tells you naturel rubber is a more responsible raw material for your wetsuit, it’s just not commonplace in surf shops, or in surf brand assortments.

Having at least a 80% CO2 saving, naturel rubber sourced wetsuits will help you reduce your impact on your journey to save the home planet we all live on. The time to celebrate neoprene in any form is over.

In S24 we have our New Regulator Line of Yulex wetuits rolling into all our spring styles.We worked on removing what wasn’t working and making multiple updates, all lead by the feedback from our repair teams. Our entire full suit line for all genders has been remodeled since F23.

This included updated linings to a more performance and responsive recycled Nylon, which offers more flex and has a softer hand that feels smoother next to the skin. We’ve also removed seams from high stretch areas, which has given us additional stretch, flex and longevity performance.

We also removed power seams, which further improves repairability to extend the life of our suits. Lastly, we re engineered a loose weave interior knit, taking inspiration from Gerry Lopez Camo, which facilitates warmth, flex and remains quick to dry.

All our suits are again Fair Trade sewn and use FSC certified naturel rubber.





Apart from the material sourcing and production addressed in question #5, do you implement complementary durability campaigns? (partnerships, give-back actions, recycling…)

Patagonia has the ironclad Guarantee supporting all our products.We run wetsuit repairs across the globe to keep you suit in the water as long as possible and frequent Worn Wear tours where we repair all brands and help train folk to fix their own gear whenever possible. We also recycle any suits that come back to us, at the end of their life.

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