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Retail Buyers Guide:  Wetsuits S/S 2024 Retail Buyer‘s Guide
Brand:  ROXY
Interviewee: Valérie HILL Global product manager

After the delivery delays and poor sell-in of last summer, was 2022 a bad year for spring-summer wetsuits? And how is 2023 doing so far? Spring Summer 22 sell out was pretty low compared to the previous year and

The sell out in 2023 has been slow, all the shops have ordered lots that are now  they are sitting the their warehouse. All distribution channels are suffering the same way.

What are the biggest trends in buying habits nowadays? Buy less often but high end, go for cheap options, wait for sales period… it depends of the customers.

This obviously depends on the customer, people tend to wait for sales like any other product category but when the product is needed it’s needed. Tourists are buying entry price point products, insales or not depending on their holydays period. Local surfers are buying more expensive products as they have more specific needs but once more it depends on the customer and his budget. The major evolution is the fact that people are tyring to get their products repaired before thinking about buying new.

The women category has energized summer wetsuit designs with the outbreak of multiple silhouettes (long jane, short john, wetsuit pants, etc.). Is this just a Insta fad or groundswell trend?

Again depending of the activity, but it’s definitely a groundswell trend not only an Insta fad. This part of the business is definately increasing but is still not very significant . Either you are going for paddling or surfing in warmer water, the long jane or wetsuit pant are very well received. There are clearly two different factors motivating that increase, the new functionality needed for the new water activities, and the fashion side of most of these products.

Which style are the customer favorites nowadays: fullsuit, short sleeve, springsuit, fancy styles?Even on a spring season there is a higher demand offullsuits than spring suits and fancy styles.

But the proportion of “others” is getting higher, between the classical spring suits and the cute fancy styles, fullsuits are loosing a bit of their primacy in spring summer season. For a full year Full suit is obviously dominating the market!

Which are your key innovations in materials& constructions for SS24?

In 2024 we will still be in the alignement of what has been initiated last year, on sustainability as we’re moving forward with recycled materials in all of our products, but also in stretch & warmth which are two of the main factors to consider when choosing a wetsuit. So we’re trying to offer various options in our products to suit every conditions.

Our most stretchy suit actually is the Elite Xtra Stretch series , with incredibly lights and flexible linings.

Quick colors/graphics focus: will wetsuits mimick the surf apparel for SS24 with a comeback of bold colors?

For Roxy, we are always trying to link part of the collection to our swimwear collections, and this has always been a strengh. This season the strongest color story is our Pro Surf story. Pro Surf swimwear line has been designed with the participation of all our athletes, the ultimate surfing bikinis…our wetsuits most elevated range, Elite Extra stretch is following the same colors and print story. Saying that, we can see a trend for the coming season to less print, more colorblocking.

Apart from the material sourcing and production addressed in question #5, do you implement complementary durability campaigns? (partnerships, give-back actions, recycling…)

Yes, as we’re still focusing on preserving our playground.

First action to come this year is to replace the recycled polybags we’re currently using during the shipment of our wetsuits, by paper bags.

Unfortunately it is difficult to give you concrete details on our recycling program today. This is definitely a priority, we have different members of our teams working on partnerships to recycle the neoprene that we are already collecting in our shops. We are hoping to see the old neoprene converted into new products in the next year… work in progress.

We are also about to launch our rental wetsuits program, and wetsuits repair is a big topic as well. More to come in the next month but this is absolutely a priority for the brand.

Key Products

Roxy Elite Extra Stretch Front Zip ERJW103135
Roxy Elite Extra stretch was designed with the collaboration of our 8 times world champion Stephanie Gilmore. This is also the must have wetsuit of the entire Roxy Surf team, extreme comfort, so light and stretch.

Pro surf edition: On this edition of our Elite Extra stretch the print is linked to our Pro surf Swimwear capsule. This swimwear capsule is designed with the collaboration of all our athletes.

Fabrics: Eco Xtra-stretch^Seams: GBS glued and blind stitched seamsînside taping: Xtra-stretch taped at full suit excepted shoulder cuts and knees^Thermal lining: Eco sleek warmflight at full body expected overflap, underarms and calfs^Technology1: Water based glue used for lamination^Technology2: Recycled polyester and nylon used for linings^Chest Zip entry system with PK#8 plastic Zip^Print placement may differ slightly^Features: Flush lock 2.0 seals at wrist and ankle^Fused Edges at neck, wrist and ankle^Supratex knee pads, durable, lightweight & flexible^Glideskin neck seal^Key loop

Roxy Elite Extra stretch Spring suit. ERJW403064
The spring suit version of our Elite collection.
Fabrics: Eco Xtra-stretch^Seams: GBS glued and blind stitched seams^Technology1: Water based glue used for lamination^Technology2: Recycled polyester and nylon used for linings^Vertical front zip entry system, with YKKTM #5 semi-autolocking plastic zip^Print placement may differ slightly^Features: Flush lock 2.0 seals at wrist^Fused Edges at neck, wrist^Glideskin neck seal^Key loop^Glideskin at legs opening

Roxy Rise Long Jane ERJW703018
That vintage silhouette is getting better and better results on the market. This is the perfect summer product for girls who prefer having their legs covered, and also for the ones looking for the perfect fashion vintage look.
Fabrics: Eco stretch-flight neoprene^Seams: Qlock stitched seams^Technology1: Water based glue used for lamination^Technology2: Recycled polyester and nylon used for linings^Vertical front zip entry system, with YKKTM #5 semi-autolocking plastic zip^Print placement may differ slightly ^Features: Supratex knee pads, durable, lightweight & flexible

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