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Weston Splitboarding 2024/25 Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Splitboarding 2024/25 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  Weston
Interviewee: Sean Eno - Director of Marketing

How would you describe the current state of the snowboard market? What big developments, changes, challenges, and/or opportunities are you seeing and how is your brand navigating them?
Overall the snowboard market feels as though there is a bit of a slow-down, particularly in the backcountry/split category. While interest is at an all time high, and participation does continue to grow, the demand for gear seems to have receded with the injection of interest from COVID now having past. We’re also seeing a bit of a global economic slowdown as well as a market that is oversaturated/overproduced from previous seasons. We’re taking a step back to really focus on some new and appealing graphics and doubling down on our direct channels while working to support sales at the retailer level.

Following overall price increase, any positive developments with regards to manufacturing, sourcing, or logistics and the changes you’ve made? Are there any examples you can share of how your business pivoted effectively? What developments are you seeing with regards to product pricing?
In some positive developments, the supply chain and logistic hurdles have abated significantly. Sea shipments are back on track and major corporations aren’t buying up huge inventory of the supplies that we need to make boards.

Is e-commerce sales still strong since most brands have been put a lot of effort in physical retail?
We’re still seeing growth year over year in our e-commerce channels but we recognize that the strong retailers need to be supported. Those retail shops are key for creating community and snowboard culture.

After last winter and the lack of snow in Europe, what’s your overall sales and production/inventory strategy for 24/25?
With a few seasons seeing carry over graphics as we aimed to survive COVID and the aftermath, we’re ready to have a fresh start. 24/25 will see a completely refreshed line and we’re hoping that a low tide winter is followed by a few better than average snowfall seasons.

Does your brand have any new developments concerning sustainability and/or how you are positioning any environmental messaging?
This one is a big one for us. Weston is now one of less than 5 snowboard manufacturers that is B Corp Certified. On initial digging, the only other companies are Burton and WNDR. Environmental messaging is at the forefront of what we do and sustainability is one of our key value pillars.

What are your top product marketing stories for next season?
Next season will see a completely overhauled Rise and Range as well as the return of the Logger. The splitboard market is in an oversaturated space with major players trying to join the market that don’t understand the playing field. As a result, while the Rise and Range will still be offered in split models, our focus will be on the solid board side of things. The Rise and Range are our all-mountain chargers and will feature a graphic from iconic Revelstoke artist Turbo Bambi @turbobambi_design.


What about new board construction, innovation, or shape trends? Any big advancements in functionality? Skinning, transitions, etc, as well as riding? Any specific effort on ranges for 24/25? If yes, where and why?
In the 24/25 line we’re seeing a redesign of the Range and Rise – our men’s and women’s all-mountain category splitboards and solid board counterparts. We’re adding a blunted nose/tail profile for better buttering/pressing, a more float focused redesign of the carbon layup utilising s-weave for increased snap, and tip-tail v’s in the solids for power transmission to the contact points. We’re also improving the multi-radial sidecut profile for stability at speed while maintaining nimbleness in tight turns. The Rise specifically will also have a reduced waist width to increase responsiveness from edge to edge, and better accommodate smaller boot sizes.

Are you using any new materials in your splitboard for 24/25? If so, what, and why? We’re interested in anything new in inserts / edges / cores / sidewalls / glue / resin/ wood types / base material, top sheet here.
No major updates in the line for 24/25 from 23/24.

Any new design or pattern approaches in your 24/25 gear? Any collabs on the line?
On the Quiver Series which is our main line, we are trying to keep our minimal but consistent graphic theme. However, this season will see wood grain dominant graphics with some color contrast. Inspired by viking shields and halls as well as original Weston graphics from 5+ years ago. We also have our Mission Series which is artist and cause driven, but for 24/25 we are focusing those graphics into our solid board lineup.


Skins, Poles, Crampons, anything new and outstanding in your proposal?
Nothing new to add. We’ll be continuing with our pre-cut skins from the 23/24 season.

What are your three biggest European markets for splitboard accessories?
Germany/Austria and Norway

Pricewise, which area of the market do you cater to?
Entry level

Key products

Quiver Series Backwoods Split – The Backwoods is a freeride board hidden behind a powder shape. It prefers trees, powder and steeps – providing effortless float, turnkey manoeuvrability, and reliable edgehold.




*New* Quiver Series Range Split – The Range is a true all-mountain splitboard that prefers steeps, cliffs and hits. A directional twin shape and our All-Mountain camber-dominant profile provide edgehold, pop and familiarity when landing switch.



*New* Quiver Series Rise Split – The Rise is a true all-mountain splitboard that prefers steeps, cliffs and hits. Our redesign specifically is also honing in on female riding preferences and those of smaller riders with smaller boot size.



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