AndFeelings Mens Streetwear F/W 2024 Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Mens Streetwear FW 2024 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  AndFeelings
Interviewee: Julien Duval, skateboarder and jack of all trades. On paper: President

What is Your Brand?
Our objective is to invest in creative projects and to build a tightly controlled brand “universe” for fans that’s embedded in subculture. And Feelings is Los Angeles based artist Chad Eaton’s brainchild, he created And Feelings to relive memories from his life in a new visual way. Most graphics simplify metaphors based on moments that stuck in his mind and mementos he has collected on his shelf. While And Feelings is anchored in Skateboarding & Art culture, the brand aims to celebrate the creative spirits embed in all sorts of subcultures, not just one. Culture and experience through quality goods.


What’s going on in the streetwear market right now?
Streetwear is definitely not dead as some high stake blog have said, it has just transcended itself as the urban fashion market. All cultures, communities and genders collide within streetwear. Skateboarding is at the heart of that movement and despite the economic, social and diplomatic shit storm we live in, Skateboarding remains vibrant and what matters the most creative.

Are price points remaining similar for next season?
Every brand is increasing their pricing due to overheads and cogs increases. AndFeelings is keeping its pricing steady so kids don’t have to pay 50 euros for a printed tee shirt or 125 euros for a pair of pants.



Are there any themes/ capsules you’re exited to release next season?
As a fairly new brand, we keep our product line small and manageable. Our product embellishment is based on art created by Chad Eaton and some new guests. All garments are art heavy and have their unique point of view.

Yes, we are introducing our first branded collab with American collage artist Chad Yenney. It is based on his authentic collage pieces and executed on high quality photo print on decks, hoodies and tees.


Are we seeing a shift in styles/ trends for next season?
Our style and fit is loose, qualitative and bold. Quality matters to us, we want our garments to show it when being worn. The baggy and 90s vibes will be holding strong for 2024 and beyond. While backprints are still a thing, we are seeing a revival of the small centered art print and embroideries.

Are you experimenting with new materials?
We are using reliable fabrics such as cotton denim and cotton twill in Pants and bringing new wash technics. Tops are bringing heavy weight sherpa poly fleece and printed cotton/poly fleeces.



With the colder seasons approaching, what styles and colours are you pushing?
Black and White are our brand staple colors and we are pushing a pine green and dark purple for Fall24.

Is your brand working towards sustainable production?
We will as soon as we see scale in our production. MOQs are still a thing we need to be aware of and until then, we have to watch our profitability as we offer 2,5 mark up to our partnered retail customers. Which in the boardsport industry is not a standard mark up.


Which trends do are you pushing for in the denim segment?
We will be pushing the Maker Pants which is tailored to a regular waist baggy fit with heavy duty materials and made for Skateboarding. It comes in heavy 100% cotton denim and twill in 13oz – 360g, features an adjustable thick drawcord at waist which our riders appreciate for easy tightening.

What is your current denim collection’s theme and marketing story?
Quality matters at an affordable price.



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