Hydroponics Mens Streetwear F/W 2024 Preview

Retail Buyers Guide:  Mens Streetwear FW 2024 Retail Buyer’s Guide
Brand:  Hydroponic
Interviewee: Hydroponic Marketing

What’s going on in the streetwear market right now?
It’s a hard time in the market right now due to inflation and political uncertainties all over the world.

Are price points remaining similar for next season?
We tried to maintain prices as similar to last year as possible.

Are there any themes/ capsules you’re exited to release next season?
Hydroponic is releasing a new Official Collaboration with NARUTO starting on Spring Summer 24 and following with Fall Winter 24, with many new products in clothing and skateboarding.


Are we seeing a shift in styles/ trends for next season?
We remain loyal to our core style philosophy but there are always new things to check out in every new collection.

Are you experimenting with new materials?
We are introducing fleece and warmer materials to our collections.

With the colder seasons approaching, what styles and colours are you pushing?
Our DH line of winter sweatshirts are especially designed to withstand the rigors of winter (Downhillskateboarding, and have since become our most popular hoodies in the skateboarding scene due to their reinforced patches on elbows for safety during slides & on hips to protect from grip tape. These hoodies also feature a built-in face mask to help endure the coldest months, and a bigger hood with drawstring to fit your helmet.


Which trends do are you pushing for in the denim segment?
Denim pants are getting bigger after some years of slim trends.

Which technical and sustainable features are you adding to jeans (stretch, sustainable fabrics etc)?
Most Hydroponic jeans use stretch fabrics for comfort and a long lasting trouser.

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