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Are there any themes/ capsules you’re exited to release next season?
The year 2024 will be a very special year for IRIEDAILY, because we are celebrating another anniversary: 30 YEARS OF IRIEDAILY – AUTHENTIC SCHOOL SINCE 1994!
Many of you will probably remember the claim “Authentic School” and immediately have the iconic IRIEDAILY lettering in mind. In preparation for our 30th anniversary, we dug deep into our textile and digital archives, reminisced and realised that many collections from IRIEDAILY’s beginner era could fit 1:1 into the current street scene and the Y2K trend 🙂 From this journey into the past, we were able to develop a lot of inspiration and ideas that you will not only find in the current Fall/Winter 2024, but also at one or the other event that will take place for the IRIEDAILY anniversary. Let us surprise you!

We have already been working intensively on collaborations for 2024, but these are still top secret at the moment. Stay tuned!


Are we seeing a shift in styles/ trends for next season?
The IRIEDAILY Fall/Winter 2024 collection has its finger on the pulse and is influenced by the current trends of Gorpcore, Workwear and Y2K. This collection is the epitome of contemporary fashion flair, with many styles harking back to the founding days of IRIEDAILY. Gorpcore, a fashionable streetwear style with outdoor influences, is becoming increasingly popular in the urban environment. At IRIEDAILY, classic outdoor styles merge with functional details, wide cuts, patterned fleeces and technological fabrics to create an exciting mix. The workwear trend, another defining element, has always been an essential part of authentic streetwear looks. The focus is on robust materials, clean lines and an emphasis on functionality. Cargo pants, utility pants, plaid shirts and canvas jackets and vests characterise the current workwear look. The Y2K trend, the most style-defining trend of recent seasons, revives the fashion of the late 1990s and early 2000s. IRIEDAILY interprets this trend through oversized jackets, baggy pants, relaxed fit T-shirts, sweaters and crop tops with a play of contrasts and the breaking of traditional “fashion” rules. The collection plays with exciting color stories such as Icy Pastels, Autumn Vibrance or Black & White. Collaborations with street artists enrich the collection with authentic artwork and patterns that perfectly complete the overall look. The Berlin Basic range remains an indispensable part of the collection, with our “All.Time.Favorites” complemented by the latest trend colors. The use of sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled nylon and polyester is a matter of course for IRIEDAILY and sets the standard for environmentally conscious fashion.

Are you experimenting with new materials?
The design team at IRIEDAILY constantly focuses on improving and developing the materials used. The focus is also always on developing our own patterns in order to give the styles their own DNA. Whether it is the further development of particularly soft fleece or giving technical materials a special feel and touch.


With the colder seasons approaching, what styles and colours are you pushing?
As with every collection, our design team has intensively studied the existing and upcoming color trends and is pushing the following color palettes for winter 2024: Icy Pastels, Autumn Vibrance or Black & White The Autumn Vibrance colour palette mainly includes the colors deep purple, midnight plum, warm olive, mustard, bordeaux and black. The colors of a typical evening sky in autumn Icy Pastels:  Pastel colors are a treat for the eyes and can be perfectly combined in their various shades. In this color story, we have focused on the color range from midnight, daybreak, cool jungle to matcha. In the overall composition like a perfect ice landscape Black & White: Black and white is an all-time classic, but can also be found in the Y2k and GRunge look.

Are price points remaining similar for next season?
We were able to maintain our prices for the 2024 winter season.

Is your brand working towards sustainable production?
The use of sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled nylon and polyester is a matter of course for IRIEDAILY and sets the standard for environmentally conscious fashion. As a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, we have also long been strongly committed to working conditions, education, workers’ rights and living wages in the textile processing industry. We also focus on the protection of animal welfare and are proud that our products are vegan.



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